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Crash Course to becoming an Advanced Player

Crash Course to becoming an Advanced Player
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This crash course will generally help you simplify the things that you'll have to do in the game to progress and ultimately achieve a battle-worthy sultan capable of dominating the Arena, performing Feasts, and qualifying among the top ranks in the different Ranking Rush systems.

Everything you need know in Enlisting and Leveling Up Viziers

? Play through the tutorial phase of the game and continue performing basic tasks up until you open the "Arena" facility. You'll have to level up until you unlock the title "Master Sultan I".

? You do not need a lot of Viziers. Remember, the more Viziers you have, the more susceptible you are of having a number of un-leveled Viziers become a liability in the Arena. Remember that you do not have an unlimited supply of books to upgrade a lot of Viziers, Instead, try your best to focus on few Viziers to max out.

? Try your best to earn Grace O’Malley in the ranking rush, aside from this hero, do not waste you time on other offered heroes there.

? Try to procure all The Outstanding Four viziers (Yavuz, Sinadim, Semsi, Karahmet). You get to redeem each one with the use of 10 Outstanding Badges. Since each of the Outstanding Four Viziers are well attuned in Politics, you might want to use up all your Politics badges and books on them. Outstanding Four harmony bonus (the Unparalleled Four) give 20% bonus for Military and Politics attributes for every one of the Outstanding Four that you have -- which means if you have all four heroes, that will equate to 80% bonus for Military and Politics. Plus an additional 8% bonus on all attributes for each compounded level of harmony (number of Outstanding Four Heroes you have).

? Among the Magnificent Five heroes, you might want to try and get your hands on just one hero and preferably "Kilic". Although he may not be linked to any consort, he has a harmony bonus associated with the other Magnificent Five. Also, you'll consider his specialty in Military a plus. For all the surplus "Magnificent Badges", use them to procure “The Heroic Five Harmony” for Kilic, and then make sure to max him out on research badges, books, and random attributes books.The magnificent five has similar compounding bonus like that of the Outstanding Four (20% Bonus for Military plus 5% on all attributes per compounded harmony effect), so if you get the chance, you may want to get your hands on them too.

Quick Recap (on improving Talents):

Military – improves combat power in Campaign and Vanquish (resulting to fewer soldier losses in those events)

Research – improves the value of Gold you receive from levy (imperial affairs)

Politics – improves the value of Grain you receive from levy (imperial affairs)

Prestige – improves the amount of Soldiers you receive from levy (imperial affairs)

- With the rest of the Viziers, an easy way to determine which Talents you should prioritize upgrading on a particular Vizier is to Check which has the highest value in them. Prior to spending books, try to check which among your Viziers has the highest starting values.

Below is a quick guide on which you'd want to spend your books on:

Research - anyone that you have among the Magnificent Five (preferably Kilic first)

Politics - anyone that you have among the Outstanding Four

Prestige - Vizier that has a Consort present among your list (for compounded effect)

Military - whomever you've picked to upgrade in the Prestige category.

Additional stuff related to building Viziers and Improving Empire Power

In the Harem section of the game, there are several facilities to visit -- mainly where you visit/access your consorts, visit your heir, and arrange marriage. Consorts and Heir, to put it simply, integrates bonus effects to select Viziers -- therefore improving on them and their attributes (using consort XP) is almost equivalent to improving the Viziers themselves, which ultimately reflects on the Empire's Power.

? Consorts

- Apart from the Masquerade, there are a few things that you can do in order to earn Consorts. From a free-to-play perspective, you can get the ones you get from log-in bonuses like Osilda, those from upgrading your VIP level (in-app-purchases), and those from reaching a certain Power level.

- Earning Consort XP is tricky. Although it is simple enough to understand that you get this particular experience from visiting them, it is important to know that the value you get every time is dependent on your intimacy level with that pertaining consort. They also have some kind of rank system in place for consorts. They all start having a "Maid" title, and gets promoted as their Intimacy and Charm reaches a certain level.

? Consort Titles

Maid (starter)

Choice Maid (100 Intimacy + 200 Charm)

Beauty (150 Intimacy + 300 Charm)

Choice Lady (300 Intimacy + 600 Charm)

Female Attendant (500 Intimacy + 1000 Charm)

Noble Lady (1000 Intimacy + 3000 Charm)

Concubine (2000 Intimacy + 6000 Charm)

Noble Consort (5000 Intimacy + 10000 Charm)

Imperial Consort (10000 Intimacy + 15000 Charm)

Empress (20000 Intimacy + 30000 Charm)

Note that you can only elect one empress among your consorts, and you'll get to promote less and less of them as you try and promote them from their ranks so be picky as to which consort you'll try to improve the most.

? Heir

There is a chance to produce an heir -- every time you visit your consorts. However, be mindful about using the auto-visit option if you are trying to produce an heir as it eliminates its probability. Like Consorts their primary function is to boost the attributes of a linked Vizier -- but ultimately, they share general importance in improving your overall power (empire).

Note that their attributes and talents are influenced by the level of Intimacy of their parent consort. A rating system is also in place to determine the "Quality" of the pertaining heir. They are qualified as Ordinary, Good, Rare, Remarkable, and Genius - which at the same time define tHeir max cap levels at 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 respectively. Upon reaching the cap level of an Heir, you'll be offered the option to arrange a marriage with another player's Heir -- where both parties will benefit from these compounded benefits (related Heir, Consort, and Vizier).

Additional Tips (about Heir)

Opening 10 seats in the Imperial Academy will likewise enable you the seats Heir (tutor). That said, be sure to only tutor only level 50 heirs (Genius) -- as no player would plausibly be interested in arranging marriage with sub-par quality heir in the game.


? Players can use PvP Seals to gain a number of additional attempts equal to the number of level 60+ Viziers you have in your roster plus 5. However, it is important to save up on PvP Seals and not to use them until the Arena Ranking Rush is active. If you do not have much to gain for the week's ranking rush, you might want to hold on to them first and save them for another time -- when you can, at the very least, guarantee a higher place in the rankings.

? Temporary bonuses (that improves your attributes) can be purchased after a challenge is over. keep in mind that these will be skipped out whenever your Gems or Diamonds are insufficient. Additionally, you have the option to temporarily improve your Vizier's attributes further with the use of Tokens. Like PvP Seals, you might want to save up on tokens and only use them when you can guarantee that you can score high in the rankings. Otherwise, you'll want to hold on to them for later use.

? Take advantage of the Craft Event that allows you to "craft" items such as Challenge Letters. When this event is active, make sure to craft and stock up on important items as such, in preparation to the Arena Ranking Rush. Challenge Letters are very important -- especially if you want challenge or get revenge on the other player's Viziers. Note that each Vizier requires 1 Challenge Letter (although can be used by a vizier only once per day), so it wouldn't hurt to have as much as you can collect.


? "Feasts" is an add-on system in the game that lets players host a Feast or visit a Banquet (feast hosted by other players). The Feast system rewards its attendants a special form of currency that enables you to purchase reward items in its "Token Store". The items to be found there includes 8 to 10 randomly selected items like badge shards, painting keys, politics books, Protection and Expel Badges, and books with discounts.

? You have the option to host a feast that last either 12 or 24 hours. The only difference is the amount of Diamonds you'll have to spend in addition to the required 5 Feast Food, and 5 Feast Tokens. You'll be awarded with the points once the feast has ended -- which will take place after the duration that you've availed has expired, or when all seats have been taken (by other players), or upon manually ending the feast itself (if you are the host).

? For beginners, the required "Feast Food" and "Feast Tokens" are initially earned and are collected by attending other players' banquet (take note that earning them among the rewards is not guaranteed). You can also get them among the rewards in the Time-Limited Events and even through the Main Quests.

? The Feast system also has its own ranking system shows -- which rewards players that are among the list of players with the highest accumulated feast scores. The player that tops the list will receive 5 Honor Feasts along with a reward pack.

Quick Tip:

Performing Feast is important as it is one of the best ways to earn badge shards and books as well. That said, it is make sure to use your tokens primarily on getting the badge shards (if they are available), and books.

Additional Tips to Help you level-up your game

? Take note of the schedule of the Ranking Rush systems implemented in the game. The requirement usually differ form day to day. It is important that you get used to the schedule of things in the game in order to prepare for things ahead of time like for instance Collecting PvP seals for the Arena, or Challenge letters. Also, do not waste you time performing unnecessary tasks on inappropriate days -- meaning, only perform on "Campaign" when Campaign Ranking Rush is active, or "Vanquish" during the event "Spend Soldiers Ranking Rush" is on. Learning when to do stuff at the proper time will make a huge difference in your game -- as constantly securing a spot in the rankings will reward you with heaps of items to advance your game.

? Do not miss you levies as much as possible. Learn how to keep improving the factors that increase the value you receive per levy. Additionally, in Imperial Affairs, you might want to stick to receiving books or resources.

? In the Imperial Council, try to unlock the envoys as soon as possible. While committed to this task, try not to spend you "tribute seals" on unnecessary envoys -- at least until you get the Wallachian Envoy that rewards the Research Books.

? In the Imperial Academy, try your best to unlock all the 10 seats as soon as possible. Do not put your efforts on maximizing the levels and attributes of your top roster Viziers at least until you've managed to maximize your first Outstanding Four and first Magnificent Five Vizier.

? If possible, try to limit the number of viziers that you gain. If you are not planning of spending money in the game, DO NOT spend too much resources and time upgrading un-important (those not in your top priority) Viziers way past level 59.

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