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Ranking Rush List and Its Importance

Ranking Rush List and Its Importance
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A common section in most MMORTS games out there is those collection of competition like events -- comprised of unique requirements for players to beat. Additionally, they usually include a ranking system for all those taking part in it and those that tops the would be rewarded with a variety of prizes including different useful resources or items in the game (like books and badges). In Game of Sultan, this event (or collection of them) is called; Ranking Rush.

There are different tasks for each event -- though much of it you are already familiar with. For instance, the Expend soldiers ranking rush, you are graded depending on the number of soldiers you've spent doing Campaign or Vanquish. In essence, you'll simply have to what is asked of you in every pertaining ranking rush event. However, keep in mind that a lot of competitive players will also take part in these events -- which will make it hard to top list.

You should also need to know that in order to win better prizes, you must rank higher in the list. But when every participant tries to out-do everyone else in the game, it becomes really challenging -- just imagine that the server has well over a thousand active players in it, and even just half of those people are all gunning for the top spot, having to beat the performance of those 500+ players would be the actual challenge of it.

Despite being the challenge that it is, people take part in Ranking Rush events because of the massive rewards that comes with it. For instance, getting the top spot will easily get you an x amount of resources, and a number of books and badges among other things. Below are the list of all the ranking rush events in the game, and all the simple things you can do to at the very list climb your way up the rank.

Arena Ranking Rush

Arena Ranking Rush is probably the most challenging one that you'll try among all challenges -- because of the fact that you'll be needing "PVP Seals" and "Challenge Letters" in order to grant you more chances to increase your overall score. However, these items are not earned all that easily aside from getting them via in-app purchases. Nonetheless, there are random crafting events that do help you collect some of these special items.

➤ How to Prepare for Arena Ranking Rush:

Collect PVP Seals and Challenge Letters - it is not possible to rank high in the Arena Ranking Rush every single time, especially if you are playing the game for free. However, if you play it smart, you can collect a ton of PVP seals and Challenge Letters for a week or two (or even more), and then use them if you are confident that you've stashed a lot of them to secure you in the top list.

➤ Techniques and Tips:

Try to let everyone spend all their attacks before you engage anyone in the game (safe to say at the last couple of hours of the event). The reason behind this is that you can never go below the base score -- which means that even if other players are pitted against you, you won't suffer from any lost points.

You might also wonder the need for the Challenge Letters - challenge letters are your sort of "passes" to change the opponent that the game picks for you. So if for instance you are pitted against someone whom you are sure you can't beat, do not waste your chance on these opponents and draw for another player that you can actually beat. Keep checking your situation in ranking and pursue people that you actually want to challenge (or similarly the people who you do not want to) using your challenge letters/edicts.

Consort XP Ranking Rush

A big factor in this ranking rush event depends on how you've played the game from the very start of the game. Since consort visit is random, the more consort that you have, the slimmer the chance you get in drawing the one with the highest charm (which is the one that increases your score in this event) attribute among them. That said, it is also advisable that you've groomed only one consort to receive all Charm increasing items from the start.

➤ Techniques and Tips:

You should avoid getting other consorts from the very start of the game -- to get you a better chance in drawing in the one that you've groomed to get you high marks in the event. If possible, limit your consort to 7 (at least to avail you the Pearls). Additionally, if you've increased you VIP level (for those paying for in-app purchases), the higher your VIP level, the higher limit of attempts you get in this event (3+ your VIP level). Additionally, VIP players tend to get better experience with the sultan boost "Loverbirds" with their VIP level being a multiplier factor of its effect.

That aside, what you'll want is to save and collect vigor orbs (to avail you of more visits) and use them only if you think you could secure to be on the top list of players (meaning if you are confident you've saved enough to get you high marks in the event). To check this, you might want to check on how much points the top players tend to reach during these events and from there work on your probability to earn as much points or more. Additionally, you should use your vigor orbs at the last day of the rush -- just to make sure you are also benefiting form all your envoys' bonuses.

Power Ranking Rush

By the name itself, it is obvious that this competition is all about raising your empire's Power Level. In the game, this is done in all sorts of manner -- and it is not important how you raise it, the goal is to maximize your efforts so that using resources in doing so will benefit not only with this pertaining event, but with other stuff in the game as well. A great example for instance is preparing to level up you Viziers in "Consume Gold Ranking Rush"; although it will gain you similar increase in power, it will be a waste if you overdid powering up your empire, and having to lose all your preparations for the other ranking rush event.

➤ How to Prepare for Power Ranking Rush

This is very basic - in order to increase points for this event, simply raise your power using your resources in leveling your viziers (in research, politics, and prestige). You can also increase power by improving on your consorts -- so technically speaking, you'd want to prepare the stuff need for that too. It is basically saving up all the necessary items to help you to increase in power (eg. books, consort XP, pearls, or summoning any of the Magnificent five or Outstanding Four will help a lot too).

➤ Techniques and Tips:

There really isn't a technique on how this should be done to win or at least qualify among the top in the ranking with this one. However, it is important that you'd be mindful where your "income" or growth of power will come from. For instance, if the power will be coming from leveling up your Viziers, check to see if you'll will be better off spending it in the Power Ranking Rush event, or the Talent Ranking Rush. The same is true with the Consume Gold event. Being smart when to actually spend your resources is key to having your share of the pie (or rewards from events).

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