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Advanced Guide in Leveling Viziers

This guide is intended for players who already have the basic understanding of the game, and are inclined in competing with the top players of the server in dthe different events including union wars, the ranking rush events, and what not. This part of the guide is also limited to players who are either playing the game for free, or at the very least have shelled out a bit of money to up until you reach VIP 4 (to unlock the consort Rosa which the vizier Hersek would benefit from). This guide will help you analyze the importance of selecting which viziers you'd have to upgrade (because you wouldn't have the liberty or resources upgrade all of them), tips on how to strategize your gameplay in order to constanly rank high in the Arena and Ranking Rushes, as well as the minute details in putting up a great roster of viziers.

Quick Tip:

➤ Given that this guide is focused on players that shell out money for the game from little to none, it is only logical that key resources in improving your Viziers (directly and indirectly) will be limited. That said, this will mean that having all of the Magnificent Five and Outstanding Four would extremely be difficult and would take a long while to accomplish.

➤ Additionally, we highly suggest in minimizing the number of Viziers that you'll put your focus on (maximizing their stats) -- one primary reason is that having more viziers (that are at least 60+ in level) that come into play in the arena and are not battle-worthy enough (are not maxed out or are poorly leveled) would only suffer defeat and ultimately cost you deductions in points. However, if you limit your roster to 16 (Arena's required number of participants), you'll be able to distribute your books and badges (basically all upgrade related items) more evenly, and more effectively.

➤ If you'd go past 16 in your roster (number of viziers level 60 and above), the only exception should be because they are from the Magnificent Five or Outstanding Four for their harmony's multiplier effect (large boost in military and politics) or at least Grace O' Malley (because of 30+% combat power increase in Union War and War of Supremacy), otherwise these viziers will only become a liability.

➤ The most important thing to consider when picking your roster is their value in "Military" followed by their overall talent count.

Roster of Viziers

Note: This is our "list of viziers to upgrade" (to past level 60) and listed in the order as you'll get them, except from 1-4.

(reserve room on your roster for these 2)
1. (priority) Any of the Outstanding 4
2. (priority) Kilic (Magnificent Five)

(highly suggested but you'll have to spend a bit)
3. (thru IAP) Hersek (First Purchase reward)
4. (thru IAP) Murat (after reaching VIP 3)

(earned free as you play)
5. Gedik (after completing Quest #15)
6. Lufti (after completing Quest #26)
7. Piyale (after earning Young Sultan I title)
8. Veli (after earning Young Sultan I title)
9. Merzif (Beginner Log-in Rewards)
10. Hadim (after earning Young Sultan II title)
11. Sokolluzade (after completing Quest #39)
12. Mesih (after completing Quest #73)
13. Piri (after earning Young Sultan IV title)
14. Fazil (after completing Quest #86)
15. Evliya (after completing Quest #97)
16. Davut (after earning Master Sultan I title)

when there are no purchases made (non-VIP player) and while you do not yet have Kilic (Magnificent 5) here are alternative options to work on:

1. Ishak (after earning Young Sultan III title)
2. Zaganos (after completing Quest #62)
3. Sinan (after completing Quest #110)
4. Ayas (after completing Quest #125)

Take note though, if you are pushing through with "Hersek" as one of your Viziers to upgrade, you'll have to consider reaching up until VIP 4, where you'd be rewarded with consort "Rosa" -- which enables his attribute boosts.

The reason we've prepared such list is because you would technically still earn other Viziers in-between the quests, log-in bonuses, and from normal advancement in the game. For instance, you will also get the vizier "Hocas" as you reach Young Sultan I title (like Piyale or Veli), but given that he does not have any relation to consorts and having fairly poor attributes, you might want to keep him well below level 60 -- just so he can still share overall power to the empire (and for all other mediocre viziers you'll get for that matter), but not to the point that he'll be listed as a "capable candidate" in the Arena. Keep in mind too that these ones in the list are picked for their total talent, and are taken into consideration primarily for their base "Military" attribute.

Viziers to pick for Research, Politics, Prestige:

➤ Vizier to pick for Research

Pick one vizier to whom you'll be spending your research books. Preferably, you'd like Kilic from the Magnificent Five. That said, you might want to save all your research books up until you acquire him. Although his strongest suit is in the Military, he does not any affinity to any consort -- which is a bummer (and ultimately a limitation to his Prestige). Among the other Magnificent Five viziers, he has the best talent for Research (at four stars). The primary reason why you'd want someone from the Magnificent 5 is because they would be able to push their attribute values up with "Harmony".

➤ Vizier to pick for Politics

You should also use all your politics books on just one Vizier -- and preferably one from the Outstanding Four this time. It does not matter which one you'll get, as all of them shell out the same 20% bonus for both military and politics attributes from their "Harmony". Compared to the Magnificent 5, the effect of the "Harmony" of Outstanding Four viziers is better suited to boost Politics.

➤ Vizier to pick for Prestige

There are a two of options for this post, however, it is a matter of picking someone you get for free, or someone better but having to shell out a bit of money. Preferably you'd want a vizier whose prestige attributes are lower than their politics attributes (as soldier levy is primarily dependent on your grain). For those playing for free, the best vizier option for you would be Mesih -- granted that the consort affiliated to him (Hope) is someone whom you can get not by masquerading but by actual progress in the game (reaching 1M in power). To boot, she has great attributes and potential heir (genius).

However, if you want to spend a bit of money in the game, we highly suggest that you go for Hersek instead. Take note though that although you'll be obtaining Hersek with your very first purchase ($1 deals), you'll still have to purchase all the way through VIP 4 to earn consort Rosa - whom is affiliated to him.

Whomever you pick, know that whichever Vizier you'll pick to spend all your Prestige books and badges, will also be one among 3 or 4 viziers that you'll have to max out for the Military attribute.

Working with Consort to Improve (affiliate of Top Viziers on your Roster)

If you are not a big spender on the game, we highly suggest on focusing on one consort to give all your Intimacy and Charm related items. If playing for free, that would then mean that you should give focus on consort Hope (affiliated to Mesih). If you went with Hersek for your Prestige and Military, then your focus should be on consort Rosa instead. Consort experience should be spent on improving prestige bonus skill primarily, followed by the military bonus skill. Take the same measure when spending pearls.

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