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1. Resource Indicators - shows the current volume of resources you have. Clicking on the (+) sign on the far right part of the screen will bring you to the micro-transactions part of the game where you get to buy them in various packages.

2. Sultan's Info Screen - shows the current level of your sultan, as well as an experience gauge that shows your progress and the concluding rank to get after. Additionally, you can access your VIP level here -- which is basically a perk for those that throw real money in the game.

3. Micro-transaction Shortcuts - opens up the various choices of micro-transactions in the game including superior viziers, items packs, soldier packs, VIP points, and gems.

4. Starter Bonuses - opens up several perks for beginner players including a 7-day daily bonuses that will boost you up in the game, an option to watch video ads in exchange for 25 gems, and many more.

5. Game Activity Tab - showcases the different activities to perform in the game. It includes special limited time running quests, bonus mini-games (like barbarian), and special tiers achievements to garner when playing the game.

6. Barbarian Mini-game - a mini-game that needs simple tapping input to physically abuse a barbarian. Each hit gives you some gold coins, and a point system that generates a special currency which in return you can use within the mini-game's own rewards store.

7. Red Dot Indicator - indicates that the pertaining section of the game has something new to offer or give you like in-game rewards, or new stuff to take part into.

8. Assortment of Main Activities - is where you could access your imperial parliament (where you collect resources), access your consorts and heirs (Harem), play PvP battles (Arena), and many more. scroll around the capital to find the different activities you can do in the game. Lastly, the "gate" is where you get to access the campaign.

9. Campaign - is where you perform the chapters of the game by battling and conquering the castles in the continent. Each time you progress, you earn sultan experience points that will get you to a higher level and unlock concluding locations/areas in the map. You basically use soldiers to fight your battles, and the are consumed every battle (computed on your power rating and the volume of your soldiers versus that of the opponent).

10. Quests - shows the lists of task you get to do in a day. It has several tiers to achieve and as you reach these tiers, you can open up the treasure chest icon (in the gauge) to collect your reward. The higher the tiers gets, the better rewards you get as well.

11. Achievements - shows various permanent tasks in the game where you can try to achieve as you progress. Tasks include meeting certain requirements like a threshold of power, collecting a number of viziers, consorts, heir, or collecting a number of resource and even the simple ones like signing-in the game for "x" number of days. Each time you earn an achievement, you get rewarded by the game.

12. Viziers - opens up the vizier screen where you can perform upgrades on them, and strengthen their attributes.

13. Backpack - shows your inventory of items that you've collected so far in the game. Items include resource packs, equipment for your viziers, or gifts that you can give to your consorts.

14. Store - shows you an option to purchase a collection of important in-game items in exchange for your gems.

15. Mailbox - shows system messages or private messages from other players.

16. Current Task - directs you to a sequence of task that is designed to let you get a better understanding of how the game is supposed to be played. After accomplishing each task, you'll usually be rewarded with items or resources.

17. Global Chat - enables you to exchange correspondence with other online players.

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