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Where to get Free Diamonds?

Where to get Free Diamonds?
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Diamonds in the game are basically the premium currency. Premium in the sense that you do not get as much of them for free, and that their value can be traded for almost any other resource in the game. Below, we've shortlisted the known ways on how to get them for free:

1. Day 2 and Day 7 of the sign-in bonus - on the 2nd day, you'll get 240 Diamonds in total, while on the 7th day, you'll get 400 Diamonds.

2. Several Tasks in Achievement - for instance, when you increase your Sultan Level, you'll instantly be rewarded with 600 Diamonds. This is pretty much how you'd gain lots of Diamond during your beginner phase.

3. Time Limited Event - depending on the requirement, the reward usually varies. However, we had the chance to collect 72 diamonds from simply signing-in two consecutive days.

4. System Mail - "show your respect rewards" (probably from simply trying the game) will reward you with 100 Diamonds. Depending on the event, some other forms of reward items are given there as well.

5. Watch Video Ads - watching a minute of video advertisement will usually give you 25 Diamonds, and a 100K gold coupon. Not a bad deal considering its relatively free.

6. Honor in Rankings - as you grow your power (overall empire power), progress in campaign, and improve your intimacy with your consorts, you'll generally climb through the rankings - and when you do, visit the Rankings building, and then click on the "Honor" button at the bottom right part of the screen. Notice there are three tabs in the screen; Power, Campaign, and Intimacy - each of which you could collect diamonds from.

7. Completing the Daily Quests - daily quest has several tiers for you to accomplish, and for every tier you successfully meet, you'll be rewarded with resources. However, once you've completed every single task or at least earn 140 daily quest points, you'll get to open the last treasure chest which has the chance to acquire 50 diamonds upon opening.

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