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Ranking System and Honor

Ranking System and Honor
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What it is:

Each week, players are ranked based on their total power, their level of achievement in the Campaign, and their Intimacy towards their Consorts in total. Depending on your rank on each category, you'll be given a concluding amount of gems in return for reaching/meeting a certain bracket (in the thousands+ rank, you'll be given 10 gems when you press the "honor").

What's the benefit of checking the Rankings and collecting Honor?

Basically, this is an additional source of free gems in the game on a daily basis. Given that the gems are the game's premium currency, every bit you can get counts. Even if you are not particularly competitive to reach the lower spectrum of the ranking system, it will still reward you with a generous amount of gems every time you collect Honor. The lowest value you can get per collection is 10 gems - and with 3 categories per ranking list (server wide and global) you should easily be able to collect 60 gems out of it.

How do I participate?:

You are always a competitor in the ranking system regardless if you do not want to actively take part in it - as it grades all the players of the server depending on their performance. The higher you get in the ranking, the greater reward you'll get as well. There are two lists to check - the server-wide ranking list, and the global list -- which tallies all players across different servers. To get there (and actually check the ranking) simply click on the "Ranking" building beside your Harem. When you open the facility, you'll have two options to check: Server Rankings, and Cross-server Rankings -- each of which will have three categories separated by tabs.

Cross Server Ranking:

Pits all players of the game on all servers against each other based on: Total Power, Union Rankings, Intimacy. Like in Server-wide Ranking, you are ranked depending on how you perform on each category. Similarly, you'll be given a concluding amount of gems in return for reaching/meeting a certain bracket in the ranking system.

Why Should I Check Ranking Daily?

Even if there isn't much growth to check, you should make sure to go in the rankings daily - to get points for your Daily Quests, as it is one of the assigned tasks to do on a daily basis. If you find that the "Honor" button does not reset daily, it should help to appropriate one "Honor" collection for each category, each day.

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