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Resources and IAPs

Resources and IAPs
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There are three basic resources in the game that generally are needed to run your empire. You'll see in the image below that even when you are simply in the game's main screen, a dedicated indicator of their pertaining current values is present. For starters, you have Gold, Grains and Soldiers for your basic resources, and then Gems as a special currency in the game that will generally give you several perks when using it or as a universal currency which you can trade for resources.

To actually get these resources, there are several things you can do:

From Imperial Parliament (speak to Ahmelek and collect levies)

Research - mainly affects trade levies - which generally brings up the value of gold you receive every time you collect for Gold levies inside the "Imperial Parliament". Gold is used to upgrade your Viziers.

Politics - mainly affects grain levies - which generally brings up the value of grains you receive every time you collect for Grain levies inside the "Imperial Parliament". Grain is an additional currency needed when you recruit soldiers.

Prestige - mainly affects soldier levies - which generally brings up the value of soldiers you receive every time you collect for Soldier levies inside the "Imperial Parliament". Collected soldiers are used in Conquests as the value of your actual army.

From dealing with Imperial Affairs (Hocas) - As your sultan gains level, you'll earn more chances to deal with imperial affairs. Each time you try to deal with something, you can either earn an item or resource your confirm "Yes" to your advisor, or earn sultan EXP points from giving a "No" for an answer. Each Imperial Affair action point will then be replenished every after 30 mins.

Resources and IAPs

From doing Quest

Doing daily quests will have several tiers of achievement. Make sure you understand the tasks that are required of you -- and as you accomplish these tasks, you'll reach tiers of completion that are progressively becoming more valuable as you reach higher tiers. Make sure to perform them daily to speed you up in the collection of resources - which in return will enable you to progress faster in the game.

From doing Instanced Tasks

Instanced tasks were set to basically help you understand how the game works. They usually introduce the different sections of the game and help you navigate in and around them. But more than just helping you familiarize the game, each time you accomplish a set task, you'll be rewarded with items or resources - which are both necessary to help boost your growth in the game.

Playing the mini-game Barbarian

Some additional mini games are introduced as a variation -- which will nonetheless help you gain some great rewards like gold and soldiers. One of the first mini-game you'll be introduced with is the Barbarian Challenge. Performing in the challenge requires some stamina - which gradually replenishes over a period of time. the mini-game itself has tiers of achievement - which rewards additional items when reached, and its own store -- an exchange pool of items that you can obtain upon earning its special currency (basically from doing the challenge itself).

Resources and IAPs

From Microtransactions

The IAP (in-app purchase) section of the game mainly sells packaged quantity of gems -- which in return can fetch you several options to trade in the store. Among the items you can trade are the Gold Coupon - which

gives you Gold, and Commander Seal - which gives you soldiers. You wont need grains as they are mainly used to purchase your soldiers - apart from the levy point needed when collecting them from Ahmelek.

Similarly, you get gems from performing instanced quests, and meeting certain in-game objectives or completing something in the achievement list. You can also collect gems by simply watching ad videos. To get there, simply click on the video reel icon on the left part of the main screen.

Resources and IAPs

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