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Consorts and Heir

Consorts and Heir
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Consorts are generally the Sultan's concubine. In the game however, they serve two functions. First is they help provide bonus attributes to your viziers, and second, they give birth to your heir. During the tutorial leg of the game, you'll be given at least two consorts to start with, and you'll get more of them later on as you progress in the game. Below are the list of Consorts in the game and how you can unlock them.

Consorts and Heir

List of Consorts:

Canfeza - rewarded on the tutorial leg.
Cecilia - when you level up your sultan the first time.
Dilara - from masquerade (random chance / encounter)
Osilda - on the last day of the 7 day bonus sign in rewards (beginners)
Indirah - from masquerade (random chance / encounter)
Lydia - from masquerade (random chance / encounter)
Iris - from masquerade (random chance / encounter)
Silken - from masquerade (random chance / encounter)
Felicia - from masquerade (random chance / encounter)
Halima - from masquerade (random chance / encounter)
Rana - from masquerade (random chance / encounter)
Teri - from masquerade (random chance / encounter)
Samina - from masquerade (random chance / encounter)
Clara - from masquerade (random chance / encounter)
Alessa - from unlocking VIP 2 (additional reward)
Rosa - from unlocking VIP 4 (additional reward)
Raven - from unlocking VIP 6 (additional reward)
Elena - from unlocking VIP 8 (additional reward)
Daphne - from reaching 200000 overall battle rating
Fiona - from reaching 500000 overall battle rating
Hope - from reaching 1000000 overall battle rating

When you have enough consorts in the game, you'll also get to unlock consort titles (similarly found in harem), which basically unlocks more skills for these consorts -- therefore more bonus attributes for your viziers. To improve on these skills, you should perform visits on your consorts. You'll be given a chance to visit a random consort for a cost of 1 vigor. Vigor is like your movement penalty point in Harem, and you'll need 30 mins before it recuperates. Nonetheless, a visit will improve your intimacy with the pertaining consort that was picked, and a random chance to produce an offspring from that interaction -- which basically become your Heir.

Consorts and Heir
(You may also choose to send gift to your consorts to improve your intimacy level with them or their charm - both of which are responsible on leveling them up and generally improving on their skills as well on the attributes they share on your viziers)


Heir are your offspring from your consorts upon paying them a visit. When your intimacy level with a consort increases, so will the chance of getting a heir per encounter will increase. As you successfully get a heir, you can similarly visit them in Harem, and then pick the heir section. Here, you can perform interaction to them using its own movement penalty system as well. When they grow to the right age, you'll be given the chance to match-make them with other player's heir.

Consorts and Heir
(you can use vitality in order to develop your heir. They start off as infants and they take a while and a lot of interactions to have them grow as young adults. When they grow up to peak age, you can match-make them with other heir, and arrange a marriage.)

Heir like consorts can boost the overall power of the empire. Their attributes are affected by the intimacy of their mother and so are their talents. They also have some sort of grading system that determines is the heir is Ordinary, Good, Rare, Remarkable, and Genius -- which defines the level cap of the heir to 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 respectively. When a heir reaches his/her maximum level, you'll be able to arrange their marriage with other player's heir.

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