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How to Acquire New Consorts?

How to Acquire New Consorts?
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How to Acquire New Consorts?
You might have seen the list of consorts or learned about how they generally improve your empire's power. Well, now that you know that, you're probably wondering on how to actually acquire them in the first place. Well, the first three consorts are pretty much handed down to you as you play the game (Canfeza - rewarded on the tutorial leg, Cecilia when you level up your Sultan the first time, and Osilda on the last day of the 7th day bonus sign-in rewards). However, most of the other consorts are known to be only found in the masquerade section of the game. But as you might have tried for several days, you never encounter a single consort there. And if for instance you ever did managed to come across one and had a conversation with her, you'd probably wonder why she didn't become one of your consorts.

How to Acquire New Consorts?
Well, for one thing, the whole "consorts" system was designed so that it is not easy to acquire them. You must be persistent on trying to get them and probably what you need most is "Luck". Meeting potential consorts rarely happens, and you should know that its even rarer to actually get to invite them on a date and give them your proposal. However, "Fortune" is such an item in the game that can be sourced out from completing your daily quests. As inscribed in its details, you'll need these to get a better chance of meeting a consort in the masquerade. Use them to get your fortune as high as possible and meet with the fortune teller on the "Divination" building. If she hints you for a high probability of a good news, you might want to check the masquerade and shop around for potential consorts.

Below are the list of Consorts to meet in Masquerade:

Dilara - from masquerade (random chance / encounter)
Indirah - from masquerade (random chance / encounter)
Lydia - from masquerade (random chance / encounter)
Iris - from masquerade (random chance / encounter)
Silken - from masquerade (random chance / encounter)
Felicia - from masquerade (random chance / encounter)
Halima - from masquerade (random chance / encounter)
Rana - from masquerade (random chance / encounter)
Teri - from masquerade (random chance / encounter)
Samina - from masquerade (random chance / encounter)
Clara - from masquerade (random chance / encounter)

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