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How to Strengthen Viziers in Game of Sultans?

How to Strengthen Viziers in Game of Sultans?
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If other games would have heroes or officers to fight for you, in Game of Sultans you'll get what they call viziers.Viziers take responsibility in performing a lot of the specialized tasks to help you run the empire. Game-wise, their growth is commensurate to your growth - meaning the stronger they get in the game, the stronger your empire becomes. To make any of that happen anyway, you'll need to make upgrades on them. To do this, you would have to check the viziers button at the bottom tab in the main screen and when you get there, you'll see your current collection of viziers as seen on the image below.

How to Strengthen Viziers in Game of Sultans?
By default the "Number" tab is what you'll be seeing. Basically, the other tabs there are the sorting options to view your viziers. Also, notice that the current level of the viziers are easily found on top of their avatar as encircled on the image above. This is to easily view which ones you've already picked for upgrading - prior to collecting more viziers while progressing in the game. To see a more detailed view on a pertaining vizier, you can simply click on its avatar.

Each vizier has its own special strength. The first you have by default "Piyale", who is pretty much a jack-of-all-trade kind of vizier - which doesn't particularly excel in one field, but nonetheless can be useful in a variety of stuff. However, when you start to get more vizier while playing the game, you'll notice that each one have their own talents - or specialties as shown on the image below.

How to Strengthen Viziers in Game of Sultans?
Some are heavily invested on military use, other are for research, and others as diplomats for your foreign relations, etc. Depending on the nature of a vizier's array of talents, you should use appropriate tomes that will benefit him most. For instance, if the vizier specializes in military use, you might want to use a tome that increases its military attributes. When you obtain a vizier, it will usually showcase an array of talents that it has. You'll also notice that, each talent has its own level -- indicated by the stars. You can improve on these talents individually, by using special "enhance" items when you go into the the "Develop" tab in the vizier window.

4 Main Ways to Strengthen Your Viziers:

1. Level-up - go to the vizier's window, pick the vizier of choice, and from here, make sure you are in the "details" tab. You'll see the basic attributes that the vizier has in this window. To upgrade, simply click the upgrade button at the bottom right part of the screen. You have the option to level-up a vizier by to 10 levels, if you have the resources to push through with an upgrade. Leveling up mainly consumes your gold resource.

2. Develop - a vizier's basic set of attributes is dependent on the talent that he has. When you develop these talents, so will his attributes grow. To increase their talent however, you'll need special "Enhance" items. For instance, to improve a military talent (e.g. Mounted Javelin), you can use either a military enhance badge, or a Book XP. Depending on the item used, the success rate is varied.

3. Rewards - you can use tomes to improve on your vizier's attributes. You can do this through the item itself when viewing it from your inventory (click the item, and then select which vizier you'd want to give it to), or through the vizier's window and then selecting the "Rewards" tab. There are basically 5 types of tomes - military, research, politics, prestige, and the attribute book (random). The variations you'll see basically denotes the value that will be added to the vizier's attribute when used.

4. Bonus - when you open up the bonus tab in a vizier's window, it will show you which consort share a particular bonus effect to him. If you have that particular consort in your Harem, he'll gain a bonus effect on the skill that the consort has. To actually improve on this field though, you'll have to improve on the consort's skills instead.

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