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Given that there are numerous Viziers to choose from, you'd probably wonder if there is a good measure or at least a factor to consider when picking which ones to level up. There are a lot of things to actually consider when picking which ones to level up - however, the simplest measure is checking a Vizier's talent level. To check this, you'll simply have to go to the Viziers button, and then select the "Talent" tab to rearrange the list by the current vizier's talent. The reason for picking the ones that has the greater level of talent is that they generally are the ones that improve a whole lot when leveling - meaning, it is relatively important too that you should try to improve the talent of a Vizier prior to leveling it up as the higher the Vizier's talent is, the greater their stats increase every time you level them up.

The image below shows the Viziers arranged by their Talent. On top of the list, we have Hersek which has a total of 46 Talent, followed by Merzif which has 24 Talent -- and so on and so forth. Hersek had a particularly higher starting Talent due to the fact that we got him when we tried our first dollar purchase in the game (which is not a bad investment at all).

To increase the value of their talent, you can simply click on the icon of the pertaining Vizier you want to improve on. When you actually open the pertaining Vizier's window, go to the "Develop" tab, and you'll see the current talents that the Vizier has. On the example below, you'll see that Hersek has six types of talents - each with a talent level and value of improvement to a pertaining attribute. For instance, the Mounted Javelin is at level 3, and improves the Military attribute by 15 points. The sum of all the improvement points on all the talent a Vizier has will be the value of talent that he has in total. That said, the total figure of "46" talent Hersek has in our example, was derived from; +4 (Alpagut Cmmbat), +15 (Mounted Javelin), +3 (Anthropology), +3 (Applied Law), +16 (Close Quarters Fighting), and +5 (Ottoman Poetry).

Increasing / Improving Talents:

From the get go, you'll have pre-defined talents for each individual Vizier. Most of the easier ones to get usually have very low Talent - but nonetheless, it is very easy to improve on them prior to leveling the Vizier. Depending on the type of Vizier you need (or at least what help you need on improving), you should select them too for the stat improvement (Military, Research, Political, Prestige) they share to you with their pertaining default set of talents.

To actually improve on a specific talent, you'll have to have the Enhance Badge that it requires. There are 4 Enhance Badges in the game that are specifically used for each attribute (Military, Research, Political, Prestige). Take note though that an Enhance Badge only has 25% chance of actually improving a pertaining talent. Meaning, you get 1 out of 4 chance to succeed in actually improving one talent with this method. You can earn a random Enhance Badge from opening a "Badge Pack" (a brown color loot bag inside your inventory), that you usually get from playing the campaign (usually as reward to your progress), or by redeeming it through on-going events that actually reward them.

Another way to improve on a pertaining is by using a certain amount of Book XP. Book XP isn't a shared currency, and is used to fill up a pertaining Vizier's XP Pool. There are 4 types of Books too each one to fill up a Vizier's Military, Research, Political, or Prestige experience. There are different books too that have varying XP amounts ranging from 100's, 500's and 1000's. Lastly, there is an Attribute tome that will generally give a vizier a random Book XP.

Using Book XP to improve your Vizier's Talent has a 100% success rate, although take note of the value needed to improve a talent -- as it goes up really high, really fast. Nonetheless, it is the best way to determine how you can go about with your plan of upgrade as using it is the better method (and a sure way) of improving a pertaining talent. Book XPs are usually earned from time-limited events (specifically the Consume Gold event), and sometimes through progress in the campaign itself. You can also gain random Books by sending your Viziers to the academy.

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