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The Arena is the perfect place for your Viziers to train and constantly improve. This is mainly where players within the server can actually take part in one on one matches and challenge the viziers of other players of the game.

PvP (Player versus Player)

Viziers can battle each other after reaching level 60. There are 4 attempts available everyday. Each attempt has a cooldown of 60 minutes. Players can use PvP seals to gain a number of additional attempts equal to the number of level 60+ Viziers you have in your roster plus 5.


You can pick a random opponent Vizier to challenge. The winner gets to secure the chance to buy a temporary attribute bonus (effective until a complete defeat or win) and enter the next round. The long red bar above the attributes of the Viziers.


you can either challenge or get revenge on the other player's Viziers by using a Challenge Letter. Each Vizier can use 1 Challenge Letter everyday.


Enter the Player ID and use a raid seal to start. Players who are attacked will suffer a 2x Arena points reduction.

Revenge List

Players who defeat 5 or more of your Viziers will appear on this list. The foe list refreshes once you successfully get revenge.

Auto-challenge enables players to challenge all at once.


Vizier selection will be decided by titles (low to high). The system will set the first one as default if all the Vizier title are identical.

Attribute Bonus

Temporary bonuses can be purchased after a challenge is over. Purchases will be skipped when temporary gems or diamonds are insufficient, or when there is no need for any purchase.

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