Last Shelter: Survival

Last Shelter: Survival

Do inactive farms (that haven’t been logged into) stop producing RSS..

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Do inactive farms (that haven’t been logged into) stop producing RSS after a given period of time? I only ask because I’ve recently observed this seems to happen after 8 hrs, despite having plenty of storage capacity, electricity & no troop usage. Can someone confirm this is intentional and not a bug I am experiencing? Thanks!

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Guest Answered:

The short answer is yes. If you don't maintain power supplies then your rss production will drop a lot anyway. Even if you do have enough power it seems that production will slow or stop when inactive. Its not known how much though.

After a few weeks inactive bases will be removed from the world map and you will need to log in again to replace them.

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Spike1967 Answered:

I have noticed that if i dont log into my farms daily their output goes way down, (this has nothing to do with being attacked or electricity supply) was scratching my head over this so a ran a test.

Log into one farm a few times a day: result was good production
As a control i stayed away from the other farm for over a day: result, drastic output reduction.
Now as i have 20 farms logging on each every day takes time i simply don't have so i will make a macro in blustacks android emulator to log on to each farm in turn to avoid this issue!

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Guest Replied
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Yeh i'm pretty sure its 8hrs after being inactive that farms stop producing irrespective of electricity. unfortunately this has stopped me playing the game entirely as with 12+ farms, it makes having passive farms far too time consuming and without which progress is much too slow.

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