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I just got a new phone and dL last shelter onto my new iPhone. My Game..

I just got a new phone and dL last shelter onto my new iPhone. My Game Center name pops up when I start the app but I get stuck on the beginning of the game where you have to build a base. I can move around the map and click on things like the oil deposits and exploring areas but I can’t access the build or any other buttons on the side. This is really annoying!! I’ve tried deleting the app and re downloading but end up stuck in the same spot! I want to link to my original base but can’t get pass this please help!

GuestSep 11th 2019

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AppGamer Answered:

If you can access the menu on the right yet then go to the settings menu (3 dots) and switch to your old game. But if not, check the task list at the bottom left to see if its waiting for you to collect a reward or make an action to proceed. If it is definitely stuck then try reinstalling again.

If this doesn't help then you may need to report this to the developers in case there is a compatibility issue with the latest game update and your device. Check the guide support page for details on how to contact them.

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Guest Answered:

Try finishing the tutorial, they just upped the length you need to play it for in order to switch accounts.

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