Last Shelter: Survival

For Doomsday Conquest when you unlock the 4 Assault fortresses and Bunkers..

For Doomsday Conquest when you unlock the 4 Assault fortresses and Bunkers for all 4 ACs, do they correspond with the area that they are in for resistance and might? What I mean is that if I only upgrade the one by AC1 does that actually give Might increase when in the dark green area or does the Assault fortress in the dark green have to be upgraded to get the bonus might?

arsenikJul 26th 2019

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AppGamer Answered:

The benefits from the buildings are cumulative. So any upgrade you do to any of them will add up to a total benefit overall. It doesn't matter where you upgrade or where you are located. As long as the building is there it will give you a benefit. If it is destroyed during a war then you lose the benefit until you rebuild it.

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