Leveling up your Home Base (Muscipula)

Leveling up your Home Base (Muscipula)

Some mobage have some sort of base of operations where players can have their units rest, get access to beneficial facilities and effects, or even decorate them however they want. Illusion Connect is no different; in fact, your home base will play a great role in your progression by giving you access to very helpful features and many more. Please read more below to learn more about managing your home base or Muscipula, as it is called in the game.

Benefits of Muscipula

* You’ll get access to your home base very early in the game. Aside from serving as the hub, the home base gives you various facilities that improve the passive generation of resources such as gold, crystals, and EXP bottles.
* All partners placed on the individual rooms can further increase the resource output as well as the other bonuses that are passively applied to your Leader and all partners.
* Finally, all partners placed inside the rooms will gradually earn Intimacy, which we will cover in a dedicated page within this guide as well.
Leveling up your Home Base (Muscipula)

Comfort Level

Each room has a Comfort Level, which is determined by the furniture you have inside the rooms. Thankfully, the rooms will not be barren and you’ll have the basic furniture available for use. The higher the room’s comfort level, the higher the intimacy bonus the partners within the room will receive. Each room’s comfort level will count towards your base’s overall comfort level, which will provide permanent attribute bonuses to all partners in your army.
Leveling up your Home Base (Muscipula)

Room/Facility List

Once you also have additional partners and after unlocking the “Idle” feature, you’ll be able to place partners in your home base. You can add up to 4 partners in individual rooms, which can further increase the output up to 60%. The rarity of the partners can affect how much boost they can give (SSR: +9%, SR: +5%, R: +2%). Furthermore, a character’s Lens Grade can also increase the boost by 1% per lens level. As such, aside from placing waifu characters to gain intimacy, prioritize placing high-rarity, high-lens level characters for higher boosts.

The Muscipula has a total of 6 rooms, each with their own boost. Take note that these rooms have affiliation bonuses. Basically, assigning characters of the same affiliation will yield bonus buffs. For example, placing Phoenix clan characters in the Pastry Room gives additional gold output.
Leveling up your Home Base (Muscipula)

Buff/ Effect
Affiliation Bonus
Leader HP boost
Partner HP boost
Otaku Room
Deployed Energy
Pastry Room
Gold output boost
Hot Spring
Crystal output boost
Living Room
EXP bottles production boost

Building Support Furnitures

Your home base’s improvement progression will go along with your game progression (such as your leader’s LV) so it’s basically impossible to fully upgrade everything from the get-go. You’ll also have access to the initial areas within the base. However, don’t worry since you’ll be able to unlock all areas (and in turn, the facilities) as you continue clearing the story stages.

The Tree of Eternity supports the construction of furniture inside Muscipula. Before you can level up the other furnitures or unlock new furnitures to build, you have to level up your Tree of Eternity first. The tree’s level is based on your leader’s level as well. After leveling up your tree, you can then level up your existing furniture and/or build new furniture of the same type. The cost for upgrading the tree and the various furniture in your base will increase as your level goes up.
Leveling up your Home Base (Muscipula)

Room Placement
Increase more hero types and increase max energy.
Otaku Room
Dessert Cart
Passively produces gold that you have to manually redeem to add to your total. Level up to increase rate and the amount of gold it can store. Once max storage has been reached, it will stop producing gold.
Pastry Room
Single Deck Chair
Passively produce crystals that you have to manually redeem to add to your total. Level up to increase rate and the amount of crystals it can store. Once max storage has been reached, it will stop generating crystals.
Hot Spring
Double Bed
Level up to increase the number of partners you can add to your team and bring to battles.
Frame Light
Passively produce Nightmare (EXP) bottles that you have to manually redeem to add to your total. Level up to increase rate and the amount of bottles it can store. Once max storage has been reached, it will stop producing bottles.
Living Room

So there you have it! Always upgrade your home base whenever possible. You’ll be notified if there are new upgrades available, which will normally occur whenever your Leader increases in level or reaches a level threshold.

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