Facebook Redemption Codes

Facebook Redemption Codes

Illusion Connect offers a lot of freebies that players can redeem using Redemption Codes. Aside from the codes that were outright given to players, the devs also gave out more freebies in the form of Facebook Redemption Codes. We have tested that they’re all working as of 11/18/2020. Take note that this method will require an active Facebook account. It is also worth noting that these codes have an expiration date, up to 1 month after the codes were officially offered.

How to Obtain Codes

First, access the game’s official FB page and send them a message. Send the following message below and you’ll get an automated response including a unique code. We’ve yet to confirm if you can use different FB accounts to get different unique codes and use them on the same game account. After getting the code, redeem them in-game, using the method we described below.
Facebook Redemption Codes

Message to send
congratulations on 5k followers
Summon Ticket x1, Crystal x5k, and Gold 5k (valid until Nov 20)
connect with me in our dreams
Summon Ticket x2, Gift Box S x2, and Gold 5k (valid until Nov 20)
congratulations on 10k followers
Summon Ticket x3, Nightmare Bottle M x10, and Diamond x100 (valid until Nov 24)
congratulations on 20k followers
Summon Ticket x5, Diamond x300, and Gift Box L x5 (valid until Nov 30)

How to Redeem Codes

Here are the steps on how to use the codes:

1. Tap your “secretary” character’s portrait on the upper-left corner of the screen.
2. In the “My Info” popup, select Redeem.
Facebook Redemption Codes

3. In the next window, enter the code (including the hashtag, possibly with correct case) then press Confirm.
Facebook Redemption Codes

4. You’ll get a preview of the items you have received. Rinse and repeat.
Facebook Redemption Codes

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