Leader’s Attributes and Class

Leader’s Attributes and Class


Illusion Connect places players in control of the player character referred only as Leader by your teammates. While combat relies heavily on the partners if your combat party, the Leader also has a significant impact on any battle - after all, you’ll lose if ever the leader falls in battle. In this page, we will discuss what are the leader’s attributes and how you can further enhance them, as well as leader skills and class.

Leveling up your Hero

The Leader is a player character that also participates in combat. A key mechanic of the game’s battle system is that if a leader is defeated, his team will lose. That’s why for starters, protecting your team’s Leader is required. Keeping your leader’s HP is even part of the bonus objectives in Dream stages. Outside of combat, the Leader’s level (LV) will be the requirement to unlock some in-game features like upgrading your Muscipula home base’s Tree of Origin, unlocking new party slots, breaking the level cap, and more.

Unlike the other characters in the game, you can’t use Nightmare (EXP) bottles on your hero. He can only earn EXP by simply winning battles a lot. This means burning through your stamina to participate in daily trials, raids, or attempting clearing new dream stages to name a few. Whenever your leader levels up, his attributes are permanently increased as well as unlocking new feature(s) tied to his level.
Leader’s Attributes and Class

Leader Skills

Leader Skills are bonus buffs and effects that will be applied to your team once you’ve met the requirements. These skills are tied to the Leader’s class so considering what buffs or effects your team composition can activate is encouraged. You can review this any time by accessing the Leader > Skills menu, or from the Line Up screen. Once you have unlocked a Leader’s class, all Leader Skills will be available. You just need to make a team composition that will activate the ones you want.
Leader’s Attributes and Class

Leader’s Halo

You can check your Leader’s status in the home screen, in the upper-left corner. You’ll need to progress through the story dreams first before you’ll get access to this button. Initially, you’ll only be able to see your Leader’s attributes and skills; continue clearing the story dream stages until you unlock the Halo button as seen here.

You’ll start off with two halos - Humility and Honor. These halos boosts your Leader’s ATK and HP attributes respectively. You’ll need to spend crystals to level up the halo up to the hero’s current level. Please be reminded that you can’t also exceed the hero’s current level when leveling up the halos. More halos will be unlocked as you increase your leader’s level. Obviously, the required amount of crystals per upgrade will increase as your halo level increases.
Leader’s Attributes and Class

Leader Class

Your Leader will start as a Sakura Swordsman but there are 4 other classes that you can unlock eventually in order: Nightmare Hunter, Light Paladin, Soul Reaper, and Spirit Healer. To unlock the other classes, you have to complete Collapsed Dream chapters (full stars). You can freely change your class in the Leader screen or from the Lineup screen. When switching classes, your leader’s base attributes will remain the same. Each class has its own set of Leader Skills and Combat Skills.

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