How to Get Gift Boxes

How to Get Gift Boxes

Illusion Connect has an Intimacy system that allows Leaders (players) to get closer to their partners. One good and tried method of increasing intimacy is by giving gifts to your partners. You can’t directly buy gifts so you have to get them from Gift Boxes. In this page, we will discuss where to get different gift boxes so you’ll have a good supply of intimacy-boosting items for your partners.

As mentioned above, gift boxes contain random gifts that can be given to partners to boost their intimacy. Since you can’t directly buy and choose individual gifts, your main source of such items are gift boxes. To get the contents of gift boxes, you have to access your inventory and open them from there. A single gift box contains several gifts so even opening a handful of gift boxes will award you with a lot of individual and different gifts.
How to Get Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes come in different rarities, which is represented by their color. Of course, the higher the rarity of the gift, the more intimacy it can boost to the recipient. However, take note that the gift box’s color doesn’t guarantee that all of its contents will be of the same rarity. For example, if you open a purple gift box (L), you’ll have at least one purple gift and the rest will be blue and green gifts. On the other hand, there’s still a chance for a gift box to contain a higher rarity gift. For example, opening blue gift boxes has a chance to produce a purple gift.
How to Get Gift Boxes

Here’s the list of methods of acquiring gift boxes.
* The easiest way to earn gift boxes is by completing daily quests. You’ll get two blue gift boxes at 40 and 80 activeness, and 3 purple boxes at 160 activeness.
* Access the Shop > Exchange and you’ll be able to buy L and S boxes for 100K and 50K gold respectively. The golden box (XL) can also be purchased using diamonds.
* You can obtain gift boxes as one-time rewards by reaching certain milestones in the Album
* Chance to obtain them when doing a Gnosis, Honor, or Contribution Summon.
* Sometimes, you can exchange temporary currency from limited-time events for gift boxes.

How to Get Gift Boxes
How to Get Gift Boxes
How to Get Gift Boxes

And there you have it! Continue collecting gift boxes and open them by batch for convenience.

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