Where to Get the Best Equipment

Where to Get the Best Equipment

To have some sort of progress in Illusion Connect, you’ll need to increase your team’s CP (Combat Power). Aside from leveling up your partners, increasing their intimacy, and upgrading their lens, providing them with powerful equipment can be a life saver. In this page, we will discuss the various sources or methods on how to secure various gears for your characters.

Equipment Basics

The equipment option is not available early on. Like with other features of the game, you have to continue clearing the story stages until you unlock the equipment tab. Once available, you can tap the equipment icon while in the Partners List or select the Equip tab when viewing the character’s details.
Where to Get the Best Equipment

There are four equipment slots: weapon, armor, shoes/greaves, and accessory. Certain weapons and gear can only be equipped by specific character classes so it’s not possible to equip all your best, high-stat equipment on a single character. Thankfully, there are also standard equipment that can be worn by anyone.

You can also strengthen equipment pieces to improve their stats and unlock their skills. We have another dedicated page for this process so please follow this link for more information.

Equipment Rarity

Like characters, equipment come in different grades or rarities. As usual, SSR equipment are still desirable due to their impressive base stats and skills. However, early on when you don’t have access to good equipment, it’s okay to give low-grade (green) equipment to your characters. Their stat boost at that point can be very helpful especially if you’re just starting to build your team. Low-quality equipment is still better than no equipment after all. However, don’t hesitate replacing them once you have access to at least purple or gold equipment.
Where to Get the Best Equipment

Equipment Sources

You can get equipment boxes by completing Exploration maps, like the one below. Aside from the equipment you’ll get from completing maps, you can also get equipment boxes by earning enough points for Exploration Quests. As you accumulate exploration points, you’ll be able to open reward boxes. There are reward boxes that you can open upon reaching 25, 50, 75, and 100 points. The quality of the rewards you’ll get from these boxes will get better, with the last box giving you 2 SSR equipment, 880 diamonds, and an avatar.
Where to Get the Best Equipment

You can also get additional equipment by completing Illusion Corridor challenges. Not only that you can earn SSR and SR equipment, but you’ll also get gear enhancement materials needed to upgrade and uncap your SSR / SR equipment.
Where to Get the Best Equipment

As you tackle higher-level exploration maps, you’ll also be able to collect Gear Souls. They come in two variants, the Fantasy Gear Souls (gold) and Elite Gear Souls (purple). Once you have enough, you can go to the Shop > Exchange > Gear tab to trade them for SR/SSR weapons. SR gear has a weekly limit of 5 exchanges while SSR gears are limited to 3 exchanges per week.

The gems included are exclusively used for uncapping your gear. They’re understandably more expensive since they can stand in as a substitute copy of the gear you’re trying to upgrade, whereas getting the equipment boxes will just allow you to get a random SR/SSR gear.
Where to Get the Best Equipment

Finally, you can get various equipment from the other shop options. There are even packs that allow you to buy SSR weapons outright though the type will be quite limited. Just remember, spend wisely and responsibly!
Where to Get the Best Equipment

And that’s our guide for acquiring various equipment in the game. Playing in-game options for farming them like Exploration and Illusion Corridor is a great way for F2P (free-to-play) players to get access to some of the most reliable gear without spending anything.

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