Illusion Connect Walkthrough and Guide


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Illusion Connect Walkthrough and Guide

Illusion Connect is a real-time strategy game where you recruit various warriors called Radiants and strengthen them to face the threat of otherworldly beings called Nightmares. There are more than 50 Radiants to choose from, each with their own interesting personality, backstory, and charm. You can even interact and socialize with your Radiants in your headquarters! The game also boasts a real-time battle system where your team composition and Radiants' skills matter.

Welcome to Appgamer's unofficial guide for Illusion Connect. In this guide, we will discuss a variety to topics to help you get started in the game, as well as learning the basics so you can enjoy this great-looking mobage.

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1. Exciting Real-time Battles

Experience fast-paced, real-time battles and command your Radiants using nothing but your fingertips. Become their leader and direct them in battle!

2. Tactical Combats

Devise various strategies by coordinating your chosen Radiants with the main character. Build awesome and powerful teams of Radiants to save the day!

3. A Radiant Cast of Heroes

Learn the backgrounds, personalities, experiences, and hobbies of each and every one of your Radiants! Recruit over 50 Radiants that have been fully designed in live 2-D, each customizable in variety of styles!

4. Grow with your Radiants

Spend time with the Radiants both in and out of combat to find out more about them. Your growing bond will manifest as an ever-strengthening bond of power against the Nightmares!

5. Design your Dream Home

Build a unique home and customize to your liking! Arrange your furniture and post your wallpapers! Make your home as comfortable as possible for your Radiants and enjoy life outside of combat!

6. Voiced by an All-star Cast

Ai Kayano, Hisako Kanemoto, Yui Ishikawa, Risa Taneda, Ami Koshimizu, Maaya Uchida, Ayane Sakura, Yumi Hara, Haruka Tomatsu, Aoi Yuki, Hitomi Nabatame, Takehito Koyasu, Kae Oki, Saori Hayami, Natsuki Hanae

New to the game? Check out our game overview to know what the game has to offer and set your expectations before even considering installing the game.

Illusion Connect Walkthrough and Guide

Rerolling is a staple practice in gacha games where new players go through temporary accounts, complete the tutorial, obtain the free rolls, and repeating this process until they’re able to get their desired characters or simply rolling for top-tier characters. Illusion Connect is no different. Thankfully, rerolling in the game is a lot easier than most of the games with the gacha system. You can check out our Rerolling Guide for more infromation.

Illusion Connect Walkthrough and Guide

Do you want in-game freebies? We got you covered. Check out our Redemption Code and Facebook Redemption Codes guides for a list of codes you can redeem for in-game freebies, with instructions included.

Illusion Connect Walkthrough and Guide

Leveling up partners is necessary to improve their stats and increase their CP (combat power). To be able to clear harder stages and challenges, including high-level partners in your team will be necessary. This doesn’t mean that you should focus only on the characters that make up your main team; there are event stages and certain challenges where various character types gain boosts to damage and other buffs so having a well-rounded roster of high-leveled characters with different classes will make your life easier to tackle such challenges. Learn how to efficiently level up your partners and increase their level cap in our dedicated guides related to this topic:

* How to Level Up and Link Partners

* How to Farm Nightmare Bottles

Illusion Connect Walkthrough and Guide

Illusion Connect has various game modes and challenges that you can tackle, to farm resources and train your team. Please check out our dedicated guide for the different stages that you can find in the game.

* Daily Trials Guide

* Exploration Guide

* Arcana (Illusion Corridor) Guide

Illusion Connect Walkthrough and Guide

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