How to Farm Diamonds

How to Farm Diamonds


As with other similar mobage titles, you have to manage several types of resources that you’ll need to improve your party, equipment, or facilities. In Illusion Connect, aside from the standard currencies like gold and crystals, players also have to manage diamonds - the premium currency of the game. In this guide, we will cover what game features you’ll need the diamonds for and how to have a steady supply of them without emptying your wallet.

Uses of Diamonds

Diamonds have a variety of uses, such as:

* Substitute for Summon Ticket. This is the most ideal use of diamonds since it will give you more chances of getting powerful allies and additional shards to power-up your chosen partners. It will cost 200 diamonds per summon ticket but it’s better to save up to 1880 to get a pack of x10 summon tickets. Not only that you’ll save a considerable amount of diamonds by doing it this way, you’re also guaranteed to get a random SR character by doing a 10-pull

* Purchasing of XL and L Gift Boxes

* Instant withdrawal of common resources (gold, crystals, exp bottles) via the Super ATM feature, up to 5x a day.

* Purchasing of decoration items for your home base. (This will require both diamonds and Decoration Tickets)

How to Farm Diamonds

Where to get Diamonds

As stated above, diamonds are the game’s premium currency. Obviously, the easiest way to obtain them is by buying them using real money from the in-game shop. However, this doesn’t mean that F2P (free-to-play) players will be gated or blocked from accessing good content. In fact, the game is very generous in terms of providing diamonds to their players, especially those who regularly play the game. It’s even possible to amass a considerable amount of diamonds without spending any dime. In this section of this guide, we will discuss the various methods of acquiring diamonds outside of spending money for it.

Via Redemption Codes

A good amount of crystals can be obtained by redeeming codes. Please refer to our list of redemption codes below, including the instructions on how to redeem them. The redemptions codes available so far are quite plentiful but as many as they seem to be, there’s still limited in numbers but these freebies will still help you earn a lot to get you started.

* Redemption Code

* Facebook Redemption Codes

How to Farm Diamonds

Free Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Packs from the shop

This is one of the many ways the game is simply giving away diamonds (albeit a small amount) to every player. There are free Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Packs that you just need to claim from the in-game shop, under Regular Supplies tab. The daily pack will become available after the game’s daily reset. Here are the items you’ll get from these packs:

* Daily: Broken Destiny Prism x2, Diamonds x20

* Weekly: Broken Destiny Prism x10, Diamonds x60

* Monthly: Broken Destiny Prism x10, Diamonds x60

How to Farm Diamonds

Daily Quests and Achievements

This is one of the most reliable way of earning diamonds for free. There are 10 daily quests per day (these are reset as part of the daily reset schedule). Each daily quest you complete will give you EXP, a small amount of gold, and points to progress your Activeness gauge. You don’t need to complete all of them; you just need to earn enough to reach the last box and be able to collect all rewards - which includes 140 diamonds in total.

How to Farm Diamonds

Furthermore, if you’re playing daily, your Activeness total will be computed for the entire week, which will allow you to collect Weekly Rewards as well. You can collect a total of 350 diamonds by reaching at least 1200 activeness total for the week.

How to Farm Diamonds

Secretary Gifts

Sometimes, your chosen secretary (displayed partner on your home screen) will provide you with several gifts throughout the day, 10 diamonds. The gifts will remain the same, regardless of the secretary or your intimacy level with that character.

How to Farm Diamonds

Perks or Events

There are events where you’re just required to login on several consecutive days to complete the rewards. These include a large amount of diamonds, free costumes, equipment, and even SSR characters. If you’re playing the game regularly, don’t miss out on these freebies.

How to Farm Diamonds

One such event is Saya’s Journey of Growth. This is a permanent event catered for new players. You’ll get a good amount of diamonds by completing the tasks listed in different days of the event.

How to Farm Diamonds

Clearing Story and Collapsed Dreams

There’s a lot of story and collapsed dream stages. Each stage has three objectives; clearing all objectives will give you 15 diamonds in total. There’s also a small amount of diamonds that will be rewarded to you for clearing the stage for the first time. If you fail to get all the objectives, you’re free to try the stage again and still earn the diamond bonus for those objectives.

How to Farm Diamonds

Collecting 100 Exploration points

Once you have unlocked the Exploration trial, you’ll be able to play an RPG mini-game where your party can explore a small stage and interact with NPCs and enemies. As you complete tasks for these exploration stages, you’ll earn points. Collect enough points and you’ll get 880 diamonds, among other rewards.

How to Farm Diamonds

Defeat enemy teams in PvP

Once you have unlocked the Arena feature you’ll be able to participate and fight teams by other players via Dream Arena or Ten Saints Tournament. Defeating enemy teams in PvP will allow you to access reward chests. There’s 10 diamonds on the first chest, and 20 on the last one. If you eventually become a powerful Leader, you can fight aggressively and aim for the top. Accumulate enough honor and once you’ve reached the upper section of the leaderboard, you’ll receive a great amount of diamonds for your rank.

How to Farm Diamonds

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