How to Replenish Stamina

How to Replenish Stamina

Like other mobage, stamina serves as a limiting factor in Illusion Connect, preventing players from mindlessly eating through the content. Stamina is used for clearing various stages, trials, challenges, and more so you’ll be burning through it quite easily, especially if you’re playing regularly. In this page, we will discuss the various methods of replenishing your stamina and keep you going.

Automatic Replenishment
Stamina is automatically replenished at a rate of 1 stamina every 5 minutes. This is a fixed rate and there’s no way to change or speed it up. You’ll start with a small amount of stamina but every time your leader levels up, your max stamina also goes up. It’s possible for your stamina to go over the limit; however, the automatic replenishment won’t trigger until your current stamina goes below your max stamina.

Diamond Exchange
You can spend diamonds to instantly get 120 stamina. You can use this option up to 5 times daily. As much as possible, try to avoid this option since diamonds is quite valuable so you’re better off saving your diamonds and using them on something else (like summoning)
How to Replenish Stamina

Secretary Gift
Sometimes, your chosen secretary (displayed partner on your home screen) will provide you with several gifts throughout the day, including 60 stamina. The gifts will remain the same, regardless of the secretary or your intimacy level with that character.
How to Replenish Stamina

Send and Receive Stamina from Friends
This is one clear benefit of having many friends (even if you don’t personally know them). Once a day, you can gift them stamina (sent stamina will not be deducted from your stock) and you can receive 6 stamina per friend if they chose to gift back to you. Sending stamina is also one of the many daily tasks and you won’t lose anything doing it so try gifting stamina to friends daily.
How to Replenish Stamina

Via Redemption Codes
A good amount of crystals can be obtained by redeeming codes. Please refer to our list of redemption codes below, including the instructions on how to redeem them. The redemptions codes available so far are quite plentiful but as many as they seem to be, there’s still limited in numbers but these freebies will still help you earn a lot to get you started.
* Redemption Code
* Facebook Redemption Codes
How to Replenish Stamina

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