How to Enhance and Forge Equipment

How to Enhance and Forge Equipment

Similar to most RPGs, various equipment, weapons, and accessories can be equipped to individual characters to further bolster their defenses and improve their combat capability. Illusion Connect follows this trend with its own equipment system. In this page, we will learn the basics of enhancing and forging equipment, to further increase their stats and contribute to improving your characters’ combat power.

How to Equip your Characters

The equipment option is not available early on. Like with other features of the game, you have to continue clearing the story stages until you unlock the equipment tab. Once available, you can tap the equipment icon while in the Partners List or select the Equip tab when viewing the character’s details.
How to Enhance and Forge Equipment

There are four equipment slots: weapon, armor, shoes/greaves, and accessory. Certain weapons and gear can only be equipped by specific character classes so it’s not possible to equip all your best, high-stat equipment on a single character. Thankfully, there are also standard equipment that can be worn by anyone.

Equipment Rarity

Like characters, equipment come in different grades or rarities. As usual, SSR equipment are still desirable due to their impressive base stats and skills. However, early on when you don’t have access to good equipment, it’s okay to give low-grade (green) equipment to your characters. Their stat boost at that point can be very helpful especially if you’re just starting to build your team. Low-quality equipment is still better than no equipment after all. However, don’t hesitate replacing them once you have access to at least purple or gold equipment.
How to Enhance and Forge Equipment

How to Enhance Equipment

After equipping the equipment, you’ll have the option to increase its level through enhancing, improving its stats. Furthermore, once the equipment reaches its level cap, new skills can be activated. Further enhancements will improve said skills. To enhance a specific gear, you can access it from your inventory and select Forge.
How to Enhance and Forge Equipment

Alternatively, you can tap on the equipment from a partner’s Equip tab and select Forge from there as well. After selecting the gear, you can spend gold to enhance it by one level or by 10 levels. While viewing the character’s equipment screen, you can even select Fast Enhance to automatically max out all equipment used by the character.
How to Enhance and Forge Equipment

How to Advance Equipment Level

Equipment can only be upgraded by 10 levels until they reach a level cap. You can’t enhance capped equipment until you Advance them. There are two materials needed to advance an equipment:
* Advance Materials and Gear Materials: These materials are needed to fill up the EXP gauge. Advance Materials are worth a lot of EXP (Normal 100XP, Rare 400XP, SR 1000XP) while gear materials are basically excess gear that you haven’t equipped yet. By default, the game will use the lowest-rarity ones when using the Fast Add function. Normal gear is worth 50 XP, Rare 200XP, SR 500XP, and SSR 1000XP. If you’ll be using an advanced gear (gear that’s been enhanced and level capped), you’ll get even more EXP if you use it as material.
How to Enhance and Forge Equipment

* Stones - Weapon Stones, Armor Stones, etc: These stones can be farmed in Collapsed Dreams. If you’re able to 3-star the required stages, you can conveniently select Raid from the Forge window to spend stamina and get the required amount of stones needed for the upgrade.
How to Enhance and Forge Equipment

After advancing equipment, you can enhance it by one level or by 10 levels. As you repeat the process, the required stones will be of higher quality and can only be farmed from higher-level collapsed dream stages. You’ll also be required to use a copy of that equipment as a gear material, instead of filling up an EXP gauge.

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