Intimacy System Guide

Intimacy System Guide


One of the many features of Illusion Connect is the ability to become closer to your allies via the Intimacy system. It’s even possible to date a partner once a certain intimacy level is achieved. In this page, we will cover the game’s intimacy system and what benefits you can derive from it.

What is Intimacy?

This is the amount of points that can be earned by a character that represents how close the character is with the Leader (player). However, Intimacy is not only a trivial feature of the game. In fact, there are several attribute bonuses that can be applied to your team by having a high cumulative intimacy level on all your team members, as well as individual attribute bonuses as their intimacy grows.

You can see your characters’ intimacy by accessing the Album option from your home screen. The intimacy value on the upper-right represents the total intimacy level of the characters you have in your team. All characters start at Intimacy LV1 so even if you don’t increase the intimacy of the characters you’re not using often or those you’ve just pulled, you’ll still have some attribute bonuses applied to your Leader and all partners.
Intimacy System Guide

When viewing character profiles in the Album, you’ll see that each character has their own background story and most of their information is unavailable. As you increase their intimacy, new story entries will become available, as well as some new entries on their profile as well. Furthermore, they’ll also have permanent attribute bonuses as their intimacy increases.

How to Date

After reaching at least intimacy LV4, you’ll be able to invite a character off for a date. Unfortunately, the dating lines or scenes are still not available for some characters so you’ll have to wait until an update adds those lines and to date your ideal waifu.
Intimacy System Guide

How to Increase Intimacy

There are several ways to increase Intimacy, as we’ll enumerate below.
Add partners in your base
Once you’ve unlocked the Idle function in your base (Muscipula), you’ll be able to put characters in various rooms. All characters who rested in the Lounge, Bedroom, and Otaku Rooms will get a passive intimacy increase after the daily reset.
Intimacy System Guide

Giving Gifts
This is the best and easiest way to increase intimacy. As you play the game, you’ll be able to earn Gift Boxes. Open these boxes to receive a random gift item. The rarity of the gift box will affect the rarity of the gift items you’ll receive. So for example, opening a purple gift box has a small chance to produce a gold gift item while producing mostly purple gift items.

These gifts can be given directly to the partner you want by selecting her/him from the Album then selecting Gift. The items with the red, double-heart icon (usually located on the left side of the gift list) will provide the most amount of intimacy points when used on that character. This changes per character since they have different tastes and preferences.
Intimacy System Guide

Head Pats and Preferred Gifts
While viewing the HQ, you may see some icons floating above some of your characters’ heads. If you tap the gift icon, the partner will ask for a specific gift, even if that gift is not within your inventory. Fortunately, the amount of gold needed is quite affordable so don’t hesitate to buy them gifts this way. The amount of intimacy points you’ll receive in return for this is impressive.
Intimacy System Guide

Next icon that you can encounter is the head pat. Tap this and you’ll have a very simple head-patting mini-game. Completing this process will yield a good amount of intimacy as well.
Intimacy System Guide
Intimacy System Guide

As discussed, there’s a lot of benefits for increasing the intimacy of your characters. To avoid getting overwhelmed, we suggest focusing only on your core team and / or your favorite character.

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