How to Level Up and Link Partners

How to Level Up and Link Partners

As with other similar mobage titles, you can also strengthen your characters (called Partners in the game) by increasing their levels. However, their level can only be increased by 15 levels after which they’ll reach a level cap. In this page, we will discuss how to level up your characters and increase their level cap to further improve their combat power.

Why you should level up partners

Leveling up partners is necessary to improve their stats and increase their CP (combat power). To be able to clear harder stages and challenges, including high-level partners in your team will be necessary. This doesn’t mean that you should focus only on the characters that make up your main team; there are event stages and certain challenges where various character types gain boosts to damage and other buffs so having a well-rounded roster of high-leveled characters with different classes will make your life easier to tackle such challenges.
How to Level Up and Link Partners

Like other features in the game, we strongly suggest prioritizing going through the main story stages to unlock more features and to check your team’s progression. As mentioned above, all partners you’ll obtain will start at LV1. They can earn EXP by participating in battle but the EXP they’ll gain from combat is negligible. The bulk of the EXP will come from Nightmare Bottles. These bottles can be obtained through several methods, which we covered in our dedicated page for farming Nightmare Bottles.
How to Level Up and Link Partners

How to level up characters

To level up characters, tap the Partners icon on the left side of the home screen. From the partner list, select the character you want to level up. Next, tap the circle icon on the middle-right where their level is displayed.
How to Level Up and Link Partners

A pop-up window will appear. Tap and hold the bottles to add EXP. You can combine different bottles and you can freely add/remove the bottles. Take note that the amount of EXP needed will increase proportionally as your character’s level increases. There’s also a level cap every 15 levels. You can’t add more bottles once you’ve reached the level cap and filled the EXP gauge to full until you Link a character (see below). Leveling up will also cost some gold.
How to Level Up and Link Partners

How to link characters

Linking characters is the process of limit-breaking them, allowing them to level up further than the imposed level cap. As mentioned earlier, characters are capped at LV15, 30, 45, 60, and so on. There are also several requirements for linking such as:
* Leader level (for example, you can only uncap LV60 characters when your Leader is at least LV30)
* Gold (the amount increases the higher the level)
* Link Material. This will vary for certain characters.
How to Level Up and Link Partners

Link Materials are farmed in Collapsed Dream stages. To know the exact stages where you can farm the link materials, simply tap the “+” icon on the Partner Link window as shown below. If you have already unlocked the collapsed dream stage where the materials can be obtained, you can activate the Raid option to collect the materials without fighting in the actual stage. Take note that this will still use up stamina and will also require you to clear that stage at 3-stars.
How to Level Up and Link Partners

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