How to Farm Crystals

How to Farm Crystals

As with other similar mobage titles, you have to manage several types of resources that you’ll need to improve your party, equipment, or facilities. In Illusion Connect, aside from the standard currency (gold) and premium currency (diamonds), players also have to manage crystals. In this guide, we will cover what game features you’ll need the crystals for and how to have a steady supply of them.

Crystals and primarily used in upgrading your home base’s facilities, your Leader’s Halo, etc. Thankfully, there are several ways of getting a consistent supply of crystals, as we’ll list below.
How to Farm Crystals

Get a regular supply from Muscipula
The main source of crystals will come from your home base (Muscipula). You’ll be able to claim them regularly and passively as time passes. Once you also have additional partners and after unlocking the “Idle” feature, you’ll be able to place partners in your home base. You can add up to 4 partners in the Hot Spring, which can further increase the output up to 60%. The rarity of the partners can affect how much boost they can give (SSR: +9%, SR: +5%, R: +2%). Furthermore, a character’s Lens Grade can also increase the boost by 1%.
How to Farm Crystals

As much as possible, place Liberos-affiliated partners (the partner’s affiliation icon should match the room’s) to further increase the output. As such, the rarity of the Liberos partners you’ll place will also further increase the boost. (SSR: +3%, SR: +2%, R: +1%).
How to Farm Crystals

Witch Operation
This is part of the three Trials which you can tackle. Guardian and Heal partners are recommended for completing this trial. You can attempt this 20 times a day. After securing an S-rank, you’ll unlock the next difficulty with better rewards and you can use the Raid function on previously-completed stages to collect the rewards automatically without fighting.
How to Farm Crystals

Quest Rewards and Event Shops
You can get a good amount of crystals from event shops, normal shops, and as quest rewards. If you’re a F2P (free-to-play) player, then you should stick with playing regularly and completing various tasks available during limited-time events.

Via Redemption Codes
A good amount of crystals can be obtained by redeeming codes. Please refer to our list of redemption codes below, including the instructions on how to redeem them. The redemptions codes available so far are quite plentiful but as many as they seem to be, there’s still limited in numbers but these freebies will still help you earn a lot to get you started.
* Redemption Code
* Facebook Redemption Codes
How to Farm Crystals

Super ATM or Diamond Exchange
If you press the “+” sign beside the crystal counter on the top of the main screen, a popup will appear which will allow you to exchange 50 diamonds to get 39K crystals. You can do this up to 5 times a day. Alternatively, you can also use Cards that have the same effect but with no diamonds used.
How to Farm Crystals

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