Daily Trials Guide

Daily Trials Guide

Quests, trials, tasks, etc are included on a majority of game genres, including mobages. Illusion Connect has a set of Daily Trials that gets refreshed as part of the daily game reset. It is recommended to tackle these trials regularly since all of them can provide rewards that will be always in demand for your playthrough. In this guide, we will tackle the three daily tasks the game has to offer.

What are Daily Trials?

As mentioned above, Daily Trials are a set of missions that you can tackle daily. Each of them has a specialized type of reward like experience bottles, gold packs, or crystal bags. These trials are quite important early on, especially for the resources they provide. You can clear the trials up to 20 times.

However, as you grow stronger and have access to more resources, that doesn’t mean that you could skip the daily trials. At least do it for the random Spirit Shards that can range from R to SSR characters. The shards you can get per trial will depend on the number of the Extra Reward Attempts listed on the lower-right corner of the screen.

There are different recommended classes for each trial. If you brought the recommended character classes, they’ll receive the displayed buff for the entire duration of the battle. Each challenge also has difficulty levels. You have to take note of the recommended CP of a stage. Since it is a good idea to go with the recommended player class/types; as such, it will help to strengthen your lower-rarity partners and give them surplus equipment at least.
Daily Trials Guide

After reaching a particular level and getting an S-rank for the trial stage, you’ll be able to perform a Raid on the completed level. Raids allow you to instantly finish the battle and collect the rewards shortly after. S-ranking a preceding trial stage is also required for unlocking the next stage.
Daily Trials Guide

Roof Training

* This trial is meant for farming nightmare (exp) bottles.
* [Buff] Attack and Summon classes will have their DMG Rate increased by 150%.
* Killing enemy mob will provide Rage recovery.
* Enemy mob will attempt to escape after a while.
* The Enemy Leader’s remaining HP will determine your rating and reward.
* Every once in a while, the enemy leader will use a super powerful team unique skill while your team’s Rage recovery rate is increased.

Daily Trials Guide

Bounty Mission

* This trial is meant for farming gold packs. Open these gold sacks from your inventory to get the corresponding amount of gold.
* [Buff] Sorcerer, Light, and Spell classes will have their DMG Rate increased by 150%.
* The enemies (Fortune Cats) will attempt to escape after a fixed amount of time.
* Deal AoE damage to defeat (or at least damage) as many fortune cats as possible.
* The DMG dealt to Fortune Cats will determine the rating and rewards.
* If you perform Raid for this trial, the amount of gold you’ll obtain will be somewhat reduced.
Daily Trials Guide

Witch Operation

* This trial is meant for farming crystal packs. Open these crystal sacks from your inventory to get the corresponding amount of crystals.
* [Buff] Max HP of Guardian classes will increase by 200%
* [Buff] Healing Class’ healing amount will be doubled.
* 2 SEED units will be placed on the back row, leaving you with 6 slots to place your guardians and healers. These SEED units must be protected.
* The SEED units can attack enemies.
* Your rating and rewards will be determined by the amount of HP remaining of the SEED units.
Daily Trials Guide

That's our compact guide for the three daily trials for Illusion Connect. Please check out our other helpful dedicated guide pages.
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