How to Farm Nightmare Bottles

How to Farm Nightmare Bottles

As with other similar mobage titles, you can also strengthen your characters (called Partners in the game) by increasing their levels. The quickest and most ideal way to level up your characters is by using Nightmare Bottles. In this page, we will discuss how to efficiently farm these bottles and have a steady supply of these bottles.
Like other features in the game, we strongly suggest prioritizing going through the main story stages to unlock more features and to check your team’s progression. As mentioned above, all partners you’ll obtain will start at LV1. They can earn EXP by participating in battle but the EXP they’ll gain from that is negligible. The bulk of the EXP will come from Nightmare Bottles.

Get a regular supply from Muscipula
The main source of Nightmare Bottles will come from your home base (Muscipula). You’ll be able to claim EXP bottles regularly and passively as time passes. Once you have unlocked this feature early in the game, you’ll be able to build Frame Lights that you can place in your base’s Living Room area. You can then upgrade these Frame Lights to increase their output.
How to Farm Nightmare Bottles

Once you also have additional partners and after unlocking the “Idle” feature, you’ll be able to place partners in your home base. You can add up to 4 partners in the Living Room, which can further increase the output up to 60%. The rarity of the partners can affect how much boost they can give (SSR: +9%, SR: +5%, R: +2%). Furthermore, a character’s Lens Grade can also increase the boost by 1%.
How to Farm Nightmare Bottles

As much as possible, place Tobunkai partners (the partner’s affiliation icon should match the room’s) to further increase the output. As such, the rarity of the Tobunkai partners you’ll place will also further increase the boost. (SSR: +3%, SR: +2%, R: +1%).
How to Farm Nightmare Bottles

So in the example below, Sachiko was able to give a +9% boost due to the following calculation:
* SR rarity: +5%
* Same affiliation (Tobunkai): +2%
* Lens Grade +2 (2 additional stars) + 2%
How to Farm Nightmare Bottles

Via Redeem EXP
You can spend 50 diamonds to instantly get a 6-hour worth of Nightmare Bottles that your home will normally produce. You can use this option up to 5 times a day.
How to Farm Nightmare Bottles

Rewards for completing Dreams
You can obtain Nightmare Bottles for completing stages both in Normal and Collapsed Dreams. You’ll get a good amount for clearing the stage for the first time but you can still get bottles for repeating completed stages. This is also applicable if you do the automatic Raid option.
How to Farm Nightmare Bottles

Via Redemption Codes
A good amount of Nightmare Bottles can be obtained by redeeming codes. Please refer to our list of redemption codes below, including the instructions on how to redeem them.
* Redemption Code
* Facebook Redemption Codes

Via Roof Training
This can be found under Trials > Daily Trials. Just continue clearing the story stages to unlock this option. You’ll still need to spend stamina to complete the challenges and you can complete up until 20 times. Try bringing the recommended partner classes/types to get the bonus effect indicated.
How to Farm Nightmare Bottles

Purchase as part of Packs via in-game store
This is where you’ll straight-up spend real money to purchase a bundle of Nightmare Bottles. If money is not an issue for you, this is the fastest way of getting high-quality bottles. Otherwise, you better off using your cash on something else.
How to Farm Nightmare Bottles

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