Exploration Guide

Exploration Guide

Quests, trials, tasks, etc are included on a majority of game genres, including mobages. Illusion Connect has its own set of quests to keep the players busy and interested. Exploration is one of the modes that offers a lot of beneficial rewards while also giving players something else to do that’s quite different from the game’s core gameplay. In this page, we will cover the game’s Exploration system, how to play it, and what rewards this mode has to offer.

What is Exploration?

Exploration will be unlocked automatically as you go through with the story. Basically, it’s a mini-game where you can send your team to explore various locations, collect treasures inside and collect objectives. This mode is the best source of getting new equipment, equipment enhancing materials, and more. Furthermore, once you’ve explored at least 90% of a stage, the Auto-AFK option will be enabled, allowing you to explore the map automatically without your intervention. Furthermore, when clearing daily recommended stages, you’ll even get bonus gear rewards.

How to enter Exploration Maps

Like other stages or challenges in the game, your team’s CP will determine if you’ll be fine exploring a map or not. Before entering, the recommended partners will be displayed. If you have these partners it will be beneficial to include them since their ATK and HP will be increased by 20% during battles while exploring. If you don’t have them, don’t worry; just arrange a team with the recommended composition or by utilizing the auto-fill function.
Additionally, you can tap the notes icon on the upper-right to view the comments left by other players to learn some useful tips about the map.
Exploration Guide
Exploration Guide

How to reach 100% Exploration

There are several smaller tasks that you need to complete in order to reach 100% exploration. To know what these tasks are, you need to tap on the small circle with the percentage on the upper-left corner of the screen. This will show you the different tasks you’ll need to complete like the number of enemies that you need to defeat, treasure chests you need to fight, gold and crystals you need to find etc. Don’t worry since even after completing the main objective of the stage, you can still continue your exploration and find the necessary items or enemies to get the 100% exploration.
Exploration Guide

What is Fatigue

When entering an exploration map, you can assemble several teams. However early on at lower CP, you can go with a single team. Each team has 1000 Fatigue points at the beginning. This fatigue gauge will go down as you take damage during combat. When your fatigue gauge is too low, your team will suffer from debuffs when exploring.
Exploration Guide

Exploration Quests

This is a collective progress or list of milestones that you can achieve while exploring several maps. The tasks and milestones are pretty straightforward, like picking up a certain number of items or opening chests. There are of course some challenging tasks like finding certain items that randomly appear in the maps or interacting with certain NPCs. After completing a milestone, you’ll earn exploration points.

As you accumulate exploration points, you’ll be able to open reward boxes. There are reward boxes that you can open upon reaching 25, 50, 75, and 100 points. The quality of the rewards you’ll get from these boxes will get better, with the last box giving you 2 SSR equipment, 880 diamonds, and an avatar.
Exploration Guide

So that’s all the basics for exploration. As we mentioned, this is a good source of equipment and equipment enhancing materials so try to do this daily. Thankfully, exploring at least one exploration map is one of the tasks you can do for the Daily quests.
Exploration Guide

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