What is Illusion Connect?

What is Illusion Connect?

There’s a lot of games with vague titles and you won’t be able to tell immediately what they’re about. Illusion Connect is no different; unless you saw the trailer or beta-access gameplay, you can’t tell what the game is about from the name alone. In this page, we will discuss what the game has to offer and help new players set their expectations about the game. To summarize the game, we can divide into two aspects: Gameplay and Combat.


Illusion Connect follows the standard mobage formula, from the standard gacha (lottery) system for recruiting new characters, stamina system, material farming for leveling up characters and equipment, etc. Your objective is to create a lineup of heroes, strengthen them, and use that team to tackle various story stages, challenges, etc in the game. As with other mobages, the game is designed to be played passively over a long period of time so there’s really no need to breeze through the content unless you have a lot of free time in your hands.
What is Illusion Connect?

Each character can be strengthened by leveling them up and giving them various equipment. There’s a level cap every 15 levels; and in order to break this limit, you’ll have to collect the required materials and pay the necessary gold to remove the level cap. You can also increase the rarity of lower-rarity characters through Lens Upgrade. We will discuss the details of that within our guide.
What is Illusion Connect?

There are several resources to keep track of but the game includes tooltips indicating the various methods where you can obtain these resources. You have the standard gold for almost everything, crystals for upgrading your home base facilities, diamond (premium currency) for summoning and other premium products, etc. and many more.


To summarize, you’ll need to strengthen the characters you’ll use in your team since their individual CP (Combat Power) will contribute to the overall CP of the team. CP can also be used as a baseline before tackling an opponent/stage; ideally, you’ll want a higher CP than the opponent.

The game’s combat is real-time and both sides will take action as soon as the battle starts. The battlefield will be divided into two sides, each with 9 grids where you can place your characters. Your side will have the player character (Leader) and the enemy side has the Boss. Your objective is to reduce the boss’ HP to zero. When that happens, the battle ends instantly. The same thing applies to your team; if your Leader gets defeated, you’ll lose the battle.
What is Illusion Connect?

Each character has its Energy Cost that’s represented by a crystal in the upper-right corner of their portrait. The gauge at the bottom of the screen is the Energy Gauge, which will fill up automatically during the battle. Once you have accumulated enough energy, you can then deploy the character you want. All deployed characters will trigger their unique skill upon entering the battle so even deploying your characters have some strategic element in the battle. Once you have deployed all characters in the filled, you can spend your energy to activate buffs or healing effects to your team instead.

The number of characters you can add in your team will increase as you level up your Leader. Since different characters have different classes, considering the best team composition for the characters you have is also something to look for. Finally, the classes of the characters you'll include your team can also determine which buffs are applied to your team.
What is Illusion Connect?

These are all the basic, watered-down information about Illusion Connect’s gameplay. Please check out the other articles presented in this guide for more information.

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