How to Perform Lens Upgrade

How to Perform Lens Upgrade

Illusion Connect features a lot of methods of strengthening your partners, from the standard way of leveling them up or giving them quality weapons and gears. One of the methods is Lens upgrade - a method where you’ll increase a character’s lens (represented by stars). This process permanently increases both the character’s skills and attributes, which makes this very desirable. Since it’s highly recommended to level up the Lens of your key partners, we’ll discuss in this page how to go about this essential strengthening method.

Why Upgrade Lens?

As mentioned above, Lens is an essential strengthening method for your partners and it’s recommended to do this whenever possible. There are several benefits you’ll get from upgrading your characters’ Lens, such as:
* Permanent attribute/stat increase
* Attribute boost (percentage), Skill upgrade
* Unlock Lens Chest

How to Perform Lens Upgrade

It makes sense that you'll only want to upgrade your best characters but it's actually recommended to have a well-balanced roster of partners, even SR and R ones, to tackle class-specific challenges or events that will have bonus effects on certain characters.

Required Materials

There are three materials needed but the two common materials required are the following:
* Character Shards (Please follow this link to learn more how to farm shards)
* Gold

After using up character shards and gold, a character’s lens may not upgrade fully and you’ll see a partially-filled star instead. To complete the process, you’ll need to Recharge the lens by using Lost Mirror Energy or excess character shards.
How to Perform Lens Upgrade

In the example below, you’ll need to fill up the gauge that’s worth 3200 energy. Lost Mirror Energy and R-character shards are worth 1 energy, SR shards 2 energy, and SSR shards 5 energy. You can press the Fast Add button to quickly add up the Lost Mirror dust, R, and SR shards to the energy gauge. Since SSR shards are really hard to come by, avoid using them unless you have fully upgraded that SSR character. Once the gauge is full, spend the required amount of gold to complete the Lens upgrade process.
How to Perform Lens Upgrade

Lens Chests

Once you successfully upgrade a character’s Lens, you’ll be able to open their Lens Chest, which contains character shards. You can only select one of the three character shards and you can get a lens chest for every star that the character gains. Of course, high-rarity characters can have higher stars, which means, better quality shards. However, upgrading their lens is of course much harder compared to the R-grade characters that you can max out in a short amount of time.
How to Perform Lens Upgrade


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