How to Get Shards

How to Get Shards

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Illusion Connect features a lot of methods of strengthening your partners, from the standard way of leveling them up or giving them quality weapons and gears. One of the methods is Lens upgrade - a method where you’ll increase a character’s lens (represented by stars). This process permanently increases both the character’s skills and attributes, which makes this very desirable. Partner Shards are required materials for this process so in this page, we will discuss where to efficiently farm these valuable items

As expected, the fastest way to get shards is through microtransactions. There are packs for specific characters only. If you ever bought a pack with the character you already own, you’ll get a large amount of shards instead. If you’re a F2P (free-to-play) player, then you can check out the various methods in getting shards that we’ll list down below. You should also watch out for limited events where you can exchange event-exclusive items for prizes like Broken Destiny Prisms.

Duplicate partners from Summon

Whenever you get a copy of a partner you already own, the summoned partner will be automatically converted into Shards of the same character. You can also obtain shards for duplicate copies even if you received the partner as an event reward. You can use those shards to level up the character’s Lens. If ever the character’s Lens is already fully upgraded, you’ll have the option to use those excess lens to level up the lens of another character. Take note that you’ll only get this option when the system prompts you to.
How to Get Shards

Daily Trials

For the Daily Trials (Roof Training, Bounty Mission, Witch Operation), you’ll be able to obtain Broken Destiny Prisms, up to 4 times per trial. These are reset as part of the daily reset. Broken Destiny Prisms are shard containers that you have to use from your inventory. The shards you’ll obtain will be random but it’s still a good idea to do these trials often.
How to Get Shards

Illusion Corridor

Continue along the story chapters until you finally unlock the Arcana option inside Trials. In this stage, you’ll be able to fuse temporary members of your team. Once they’ve reached 100% fusion EXP, you’ll get the shard of that character. You can reach 100% fusion by "feeding" copies of that character and other characters of the same class while fusing. There’s only a limited number of attempts for this trial every week so make sure to get the most out of your runs.
How to Get Shards
How to Get Shards

Lens Chests

Once you successfully upgrade a character’s Lens, you’ll be able to open their Lens Chest, which contains character shards. You can only select one of the three character shards and you can get a lens chest for every star that the character gains.
How to Get Shards

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