Dream Arena

Dream Arena

For some players, single-player content can become stale and boring. As such, they’ll seek out new challenges by fighting other players to test their team’s mettle or for the sheer excitement. Dream Illusion caters to these particular members of its player base by having the Dream Arena feature. This PvP mode allows players to bring up to 10 partners and you’ll get to freely choose up to 10 opponents. In this page, we will discuss this mode’s mechanics and basics.

This PvP mode will be unlocked as you clear story mode stages. Once unlocked, you can participate and bring up to 10 partners. The Dream Arena has a weekly “season”, in which a rotating theme will be applied for that season. In this example, during the Sword of Healing season will allow any spirit healing to recover 500 rage. As such, bringing partners who can utilize this effect can give you an edge in battle.
Dream Arena

Each fight or attempt to face other players will require 1 Challenge Ticket. If you quit halfway without finishing the fight, the ticket will be returned to you. You can only carry up to 50 tickets at a time. You can earn 3 Challenge Tickets from the Daily Quest reward boxes. Furthermore, securing at least 2 victories in the arena is part of the Daily Quest progress.

In the selection screen, you can choose any opponent you want. After selecting one, you can either opt for a Fast Challenge or Challenge. Fast Challenge allows you to skip the actual combat and just get the results. This is perfect if you have selected opponents with lower CP than you. Challenge allows you to fight the opponent’s team manually. Even if you get defeated, you can still challenge the same opponent until you win or give up. PvP combat is just a standard battle so everything from your character and leader’s level, equipment, skill, and overall CP will matter.
Dream Arena

You can set an Attack and Defense team. The attack team will be the team that you’ll use to fight other teams while the defense team will be the team that other players will fight when they choose you as their opponent.
Dream Arena

You can refresh the list of opponents but that will also reset your victories. However, that doesn’t mean that the reward boxes will be refreshed too. The only way to automatically reset your list of opponents is when you successfully challenged all opponents or if the season ends.

As you win battles, you’ll earn gold and medals. The stronger the opponent you defeat, the more medals (SEED Badges) you’ll get. These badges can be used in summoning new partners in the limited-time Honor Summon system. You’ll be able to open reward boxes for every 3, 6, and 10 victories. You’ll also earn additional rewards if you manage to reach the top positions in the leaderboard.
Dream Arena

And that’s it for the main PvP feature of Illusion Connect! Please check out our other dedicated guides for this wonderful waifu-based mobage.

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