I Am Innocent

Part 1: Messenger Database

Part 1: Messenger Database
I Am Innocent Guide

Take note that we compiled the messages according to their respective delivery arrangement. We only included the conversation stuff the generally impacts your relationship with the characters (meaning we've skipped out on a lot of the other dialogue in order to minimize spoilers).

As you’d figure out when playing the game, there are instances where your preset answers would typically have the same context with different tones, or other times, there wouldn’t be really any consequences at all regardless of the answer you give. For instance, your first message from Stella (Ex), she’d tell you that she had a dream and you are prompted for 2 choices of reply: “Was it a good dream?” Or “Was it a nightmare?” regardless of your choice of reply, there wouldn’t be any consequences. Finally, there are instances too were the replies are a choice between a neutral one, and a deteriorating one.

Having said that, we’ve only listed those messages that particularly affect your relationship with the people in the game, as well as options from which you’d greatly benefit in. Keep in mind that these compilation of conversations can also spoil you of the concluding lore of the game, which might ruin the experience. Nonetheless, we’ve provided them for the times that you aren’t sure of what to reply to the characters, or if you’d want a cheat sheet of the answers in order to improve your relationship with your contacts.

(Part 1) Messenger Database:

Stella (Ex):
-A Terrible Dream
-I’m still processing it.
(Deteriorate): Let’s Talk about something a little less serious, okay?
(Improve): If you don’t want to tell me, you don’t have to.

Stella (Ex):
-It was just this terrible feeling of helplessness.
Neutral Reply: How did it end?

Stella (Ex):
-Then I woke up.
(Deteriorate): But everybody has nightmares, Just forget it.
(Improve): That really is terrible.

Stella (Ex):
-Sorry, we don’t need the pictures anymore. We’ve already split up.
Neutral Reply: :D But did they pay you?

Stella (Ex):
-You have to save me! Can you come with me? For some company?
(Deteriorate): Sorry, but you know i don’t like weddings
(Improve): Sure, why not? I hope I don’t have to dance with your Aunt Sara.

-She says Emma’s sick.
Neutral: Maybe Emma is really sick?

-I’ll get Emma back home soon enough. Her place is with her father!
(Deteriorate): But the authorities think otherwise, don’t they?
(Neutral/Improve): Yeah you’ve changed recently.

-5 coins in will get you back 10, and 10 will get you back 20.
Send 10 coins (you’ll double up the first time and receive 20).

ID 15090
Neutral responses:
-I don’t understand either. Who are you?
- What’s going on?

-Call this number: 99005555
-Then press 1, then 3
-Then the code 4815
(Go to your phone dialer section and perform these instructions to receive 10 coins)

Conversation with Ghost will lead you to the puzzle section of the game.

Play the puzzle until you manage to earn a total of 4 stars.

-Are you still there? Do you believe me? Please don’t leave me.
Neutral Reply: Ok. Um, can you tell me where you are and how you got there?

-Hey Everything’s going well, as usual. Your 20.
(you will receive 20 coins from the 10 coins you’ve invested)

-Still, I can sit there like that for hours.
(Deteriorate): So do you need help?
(Improve): I can understand that.

-Not suspecting a thing.
Neutral Reply: Maybe you could use a distraction. Want to go somewhere?

Play the puzzle until you manage to earn a total of 8 stars.

ID 20460:
-You should begin the investigation.
Neutral Reply: I just want to be sure this isn’t some joke.

-I’m not joking, I know where your friends and family live. So don’t mess with me.
Neutral Reply: You one sick *******!

-No. The sick ******* here is Erwin. He is here to pay for his crimes.
Neutral Reply: If he’s guilty, turn him in to the justice system.

Play the puzzle until you manage to earn a total of 12 stars.

ID 20460:
- Tomorrow’s a special day for you, isn’t it?
(receive a call from unknown sender - you can simply ignore it and drop the call)
You will be introduced to the Diary Bot - a log book of all important details/events that happened.

-Hi. Did you get the file we talked about?
(The option is now available to speed up the process and skip on collecting stars to progress in the story - simply click on the message: Collect all remaining data for a fee)

Play the puzzle until you manage to earn a total of 16 stars.

-Hi. Did you get the file we talked about?
(send the file - automatically selected)
(send the photo sent by Erwin Finch)

ID 20460:
-You need to investigate the deaths of his victims. Find out their name. Investigate the cases.
Neutral Reply: What if I say no?

Stella (Ex):
(is now online)
You’ll be the one to message her first this time. Send her the picture that Erwin Finch sent you, and then you’d be telling her details about Cecile (which will basically give you a glimpse of your past).

- Always holding an animal, too. She loved animals.
(Deteriorate): Yeah, although I think pets take up a lot of time.
(Improve): Yeah, I’d get a pet too if I could.

-What would you have done in my place?
(Deteriorate): I wouldn’t risk it. You might not be able to take the pressure. Think about Emma.
(Improve/neutral): I’d risk it. You’re a good journalist. You won’t fail.

After this, the conversation will lead you towards asking him to find details about Erwin Finch in the City Archives -- which will prompt him to need a password of sort to access it, and ultimately lead you to the 2nd stage of the puzzle game, the “Town Archive”.

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