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Characters and Contacts

Characters and Contacts
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The names here are as listed in your contacts in your "Chat" tab in the game, and the vague details about them as initially introduced to you by the game.

Characters and Contacts
Stella (Ex) - Ex girlfriend. We split up 5 years ago now, but we’re still close. I think she regrets how everything turned out. Stella is a figure to keep you in touch with your romantic side and will generally be there to keep things in suspense, exciting, well balanced, and interesting.

Carl - My old friend. After that tragedy with his wife, he only recovered for one reason. Every thought he had was for his daughter Emma. A reliable friend that will go to different lengths in order to help you in your investigation.

ID 20460 - Kidnap facilitator, the mastermind behind the dilemma that you're currently in. This person wants you to conduct a personal investigation of the murders that happened 3 years ago, and be the judge whether his kidnapped victim "Erwin Finch", deserves to be served with justice through his own hands.

ID 15090 - number given to the kidnap victim named “Erwin Finch”. Reveals that he is recently been kidnapped, and that you are the only means for him to survive his ordeal. Erwin Finch was previously linked in a number of murder cases, but have avoided conviction for lack of evidence -- leading you to speculate that the matter is a personal vendetta or vigilantism for the kidnapper.

Ghost - My old acquaintance, a hacker who can break into anything but, for the right price. Notifies you if someone is trying to hack you, or your friends. Occasionally, he can grant you some advances in the game for the right price.

Tiana Finch - Daughter of Erwin Finch, which you will get acquainted with later on in the game. Finch will give you her number in order to assess for yourself whether he is telling the truth or not. The only thing that Finch requests of you, is that you shouldn't tell her his predicament. Tiana Finch will also introduce you to Kracher later on in the game, which will be your inside guys inside the police force.

Cecile - Your deceased sister. She died 7 years ago, but is still declared as a missing person. While coursing through your investigation, the kidnapper will shed light to one of his reasons for choosing you to weigh down whether Finch deserves to live or die later on in the game. As it turns out, all these murder cases and serial killings that you are investigating have very similar patterns to that of your sister's disappearance.

Father - Your father in the game, A man that is constantly worried about your vocation and stability. You'll also find out later on that he will connive with Carl (your friend) to watch out for you and report anything that is increasingly suspicious and dangerous for you -- which sadly deprives you of privacy, and nonetheless create a tension between you, your friend Carl, and him.

Vanessa - Mother of one of the victims in the game, and the ex-wife of a guy named Dr. Harlowe which happens to be the attending psychiatrist of Erwin Finch. She's the first person to detail the manner of death from which the victims all have suffered from in the hands of the serial killer. She believes to this date that Erwin Finch is the perpetrator of the crime, and that he got away with unfair execution of justice.

Kracher - A police officer and the current investigator who replaced the initial lead investigator (Stanley)of the serial killings. He is overly protective of her daughter that he's willing to deprive her of her privacy in order to supposedly lead her to a rightful direction in life. In exchange for valuable information about Finch's cases, he'll request you to hack his daughter's Facebook account, as well as hack the computer of one of her suitors.

Kerim - an ex-military associate of Ghost, which you'll help one time to expedite his travel documents as he is stuck in Algeria. When he gets back, you'd enlist him for his services and will generally scour for the location where Erwin Finch is held captive.

Dr. Harlowe - The attending psychiatrist of Erwin Finch, which happens to be the ex-husband of one of the victims of serial killings. Prior to your acquaintance, you'd know a few background about him like he molested her step-daughter prior to her involvement to the serial killings, as well as the fact that he was the person who turned-in Finch to the authorities.

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