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Puzzle Game Special Moves

Puzzle Game Special Moves
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Puzzle Game Special Moves
Earning 10 bricks at a time - additional turn
Earning 15 bricks (or more) at a time - additional two turns

Having critical awareness of your on-hand bricks, or plausible bricks that’ll show up will benefit you with additional turns in the game. These additional turns might not sound much for the trouble of putting more effort in thinking and double checking on your moves, but the truth is, this will eventually make you conscious about your solving patterns as well as on improve on them as you progress in the game. In the latter stages of the game, “Turns” would surely become the bigger hindering factor in completing the levels -- and when you shape up your solving patterns, this in return would surely benefit you.

Paint Hack - Converts all bricks currently at play to a color of your pick

Paint hack may not sound much as a power move in the game. However, there are lots of instances where the game throws bricks that you really don’t need and ultimately wastes the turns you have left. If the given level is really hard to beat (especially even if you have the unlimited life), then it wouldn’t hurt to use this power move in order to secure completion of the level. Take caution though, it is very hard to secure a power move in the game, so use it only if you are sure to gain victory in beating the level, otherwise, you might want to re-do the challenge. Paint hack can be only be obtained as a random reward from the Roulette (which you can spin only every after 24 hours), or from random gifts when using a coin to reveal hidden on-hand bricks -- meaning there is no sure way to collect it. So whenever you use a power move, make sure it counts!

Puzzle Game Special Moves
Square Hack - Converts currently remaining on-hand bricks into single squares

In all honesty, this power move is really not much of a help in the game. The most sensible way to make use of it is probably to get you out of sticky situations when you are playing puzzles with a smaller layout. The reason that we don’t find much use to is though, is really because we’d prefer re-doing the level with an unlimited life buff (the one bought for 68 coins and grants you unlimited tries for 6 hours). Although if you particularly see it as unimportant of a power move as we do, might as well use it in case it’ll really get you out of a sticky situation!

Bomb Hack - Converts currently remaining on-hand bricks to 2x2 square bombs

Bomb hack should’ve been a better move if it only rendered damage to a wider area. Instead, you only get a 2x2 brick area of effect and only as much as 3 of them. This might sound good as it could potentially give access to specific bricks that you might want to pull out in the layout, but take note that it also counts as a turn in the game. Bomb hack can be very useful especially on tricky levels where one brick is required and is kept from access by the sturdy bricks around it (the bricks with numbers that you may have to use several times in order to break them). Using a bomb and targeting the required brick will totally save you time. Although these stages tend to also require the sturdy bricks as one of the goals in most cases. Nonetheless, this is another power move that’ll help you in sticky situations. The Bomb Hack power move can be only be obtained as a random reward from the Roulette (which you can spin only every after 24 hours), or from random gifts when using a coin to reveal hidden on-hand bricks -- meaning there is no sure way to collect it. The video below shows an example of the Bomb Hack being used.

Reveal Shape - reveals the shape of the currently hidden bricks on your hand for 1 coin. To reveal the shapes, simply click on the square brick icons at the bottom part with a "question mark" in the middle as shown in the image below.

Revealing the shape of the concluding on-hand bricks wouldn’t make much sense if it weren’t for the chance it gives you to earn additional rewards. Coins in the game are not easy to come by, and so every single of them counts. Since this is one of the only two ways you can earn the power moves (which can be critically important in the latter levels of the game), it can be forgiving to use some of your spare coins revealing the bricks every once in a while. The sad truth is, you really don’t get much power to change what will be given to you. Nonetheless, a bit more wiggle room from the bricks that you’ll end up with, can (most of the time) be really helpful.

Puzzle Game Special Moves
Additional Turns - Buy additional 5 turns (when you run out of turns) for 9 coins

This option is a standard to all match 3 or brick buster type of games. Whenever you run out of turns in the game and you are just a bit short on your goals, instead of re-doing the whole thing, you’ll be offered to continue the game with additional 5 turns for 9 coins. That isn’t cheap by all means, but sometimes, one will just have to give in for those extra turns. Take note that there isn’t a limit to this -- meaning, if you were to purchase additional 5 moves and then use them all up again without finishing still, you’d be given the option to purchase another 5 moves for 9 coins again.

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