I Am Innocent

Part 11: Architecture Archive

Part 11: Architecture Archive
I Am Innocent Guide

Left with nowhere else to turn to for more info, you and your friend Carl decided to break-in Finch’s house for answers. To be anywhere close though to push through with this plan, you’ll have to steal the blueprints of Finch’s house in the Architecture archive.

Similar to the previous stages, unlock the stage by simply clicking on the “search for password” and viola! You have 6 more levels to play that are ever as hard to beat. In this chapter (and the chapters to come), no more new stuff will be added to the game. Instead, the puzzles become harder to beat from their specific layouts, and absurdly difficult requirements.

Story-wise, a lot of new details will unfold, as you get a hold of evidences that will put the motives of Finch’s doctor in question. To get a hold of the truth, you’d get his side of the story -- meaning, you’d actually get to speak with Dr. Harlowe himself in this chapter.

Important notes: Usually, every chapter will require you to earn four stars in order to advance in its accompanying story. Although in some instances, you’ll have to progress further than 4 star, or sometimes be thrown in a few updates from people in between the required stars. Every remaining required star will cost you as much as 10 coins if you wish to skip playing and progress in the story [e.g. three (3) remaining stars to collect is equivalent to paying 30 coins to skip playing the puzzle part and progress in the story - which will generally unlock the levels too, or after revealing all levels, move to open the concluding chapter].

Below are the relatively important conversation pieces in this chapter, which contains the varied responses that you’ll have, and their appropriate consequences. It is up to you to pick how you’d want to grow your relationship with the involved characters, in order to help you progress in the story.

Upon earning 5 stars in this chapter (about 36% completion), you’ll be notified by the diary bot to keep things updated in your journal (basically about obtaining FInch’s address and receiving the contact details of Dr. Harlowe). You’d also get an update from Kerim, updating you that they were already able to cover 75% of the search area, and still no match to the picture.

After this conversation, Dr. Harlowe will be the one to reach out to you -- which at this point, both of you really do not know each other yet.

Dr. Harlowe:
-This is Dr, Harlowe.
-You messaged me yesterday.
-Unfortunately, I was unavailable.
-May I ask why are you contacting me?

Your answers are pretty much fixed at this point -- asking him at the same time, if he is indeed the person married to Vanessa and the step-father of Mary, and that you have a couple of questions for him. A bit cautious, he’d be hesitant at first asking if you are by any chance a journalist.

Dr. Harlowe:
-Are you a journalist?
(neutral): Yes, I am.
*(neutral): No. I’m a private citizen. And this is a personal matter. (We’ve leaned towards giving this answer because it sounded like it will give us a better chance of him attending to our questions).

-Then I’m afraid I can’t give you too much of my time. I hope you understand. But please, ask your questions.
(neutral): I would like to hear about your relationship with Mary Leroux.
*(neutral): Please tell me about your patient Erwin Finch. (we went with this question because he might shed light about his medication discrepancies and that it was more important this time as we were racing against time to rule Finch out of the murders).

-I’ve tried to distance myself from that whole story. That was a failure as medical professional. In any case, I’ve got a patient here now. Perhaps, I can spare some time tomorrow. My apologies.

After this short conversation with Dr. Harlowe, Stella (Ex) would be the one to holler at you. It’s basically her telling you that she now has the money and would pay you her debt (the bus ticket fare that you lent her). Although, as you would probably notice, it is only half of what she actually owed you.

Stella (Ex):
-That’s not all of it, I know. But the rest is gone already. :(
(neutral/deteriorate): Spent on, say, virtual reality goggles? :) (might have the chance to offend her)
(improve): No problem, you can give me the rest later.

After Stella, Carl would be the next one to give you a message. In his message, he will send a picture of Finch’s house. He’d notify you that he is already on site as you’ve agreed. He’ll ask you if by any chance you already have the map -- which at this point, you are probably at 62% completion of the game. This also means that, unless you get the rest of the puzzles and requirements solved, you’ll basically have no updates from your contacts. (T_T)

When you get to collect the remaining data (reaching 100% completion) from the Architecture Archive, you’ll be able to send Carl the map, and soon he’d update you with whatever he’ll be able to find there. You might have to wander around the puzzles first to keep things moving. It will take Carl quite a while to get back and give you an update.

Carl will send you a picture of the pills and a container with label. This would suggest that Tiana was right with what she recalled (about the pills being white and didn’t have appropriate labeling). You’ll end up asking Carl to take the pills with him -- which he’d be hesitating to do as it could mean jail time for him.

-But taking something? That’s robbery. That means jail. I’m not doing that.
*(neutral): It might save a man’s life! (this sounded more appropriate)
(neutral): This is really important to me.

Nonetheless, Carl would do it and pick the pills for you.

Also, Diary Bot would ask you to jot down updates about your day. Which might really be appropriate as things take quite a while before you really get any progress in this point of the game. This would enable you to actually recall important stuff that has happened despite being stuck for quite a while in the puzzles.

Next, ID 20460 would also message you -- clarifying mostly his reasons for taking Finch and doing all of this. It seems that he firmly believes that no one other than Finch should be held accountable to the murders -- and that the courts couldn’t see that, and that justice wasn’t properly served upon exonerating Finch.

And then you also have a message from Kracher. It turns out, he received a report that someone just broke in Finch’s residence and confronts you if you have anything to do about it. Regardless of what you choose to him, he’s convinced that you are in fact the one who did that. He’ll then remind you to leave things as such to the police to keep you out of harm’s way.

Lastly, you’ll receive a message from Ghost, basically warning you that someone is trying to hack Carl’s computer. In an effort to protect your friend from the intruder, you must be able to access Carl’s computer, and find a certain virus -- leaving you with next chapter’s goal, hacking Carl’s computer.

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