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When Ghost managed to crack open Dr. Harlowe's encrypted files, he'll find some gruesome evidence that would fully incriminate the doctor for all 12 murders that has transpired. Apart from the actual torture videos, he seemed to have written a memento of his weird fascination -- torturing the young girl victims and lusting over their fearful gaze towards their aggressor. It also unveils the fact that he had his first victim, a few years back prior to Mary (which was supposedly known as the first victim). This will spark the idea that the first victim he speaks of, is none other than your missing sister Cecile.

Conclusion Conclusion
As Ghost gets freaked out with what he just learned, he'll tell you that he is contacting the police. Soon after, your father will be the one to message you -- confusingly telling you that it is time. As it turns out, your father is the kidnapper of Finch (ID 20460) which is now about to kill a person that (you know) is innocent. As you now have the truth and prove him wrong, you'll forward the screenshot that Ghost sent you, revealing to him that Finch is really innocent, (and with that revealing Dr. Harlowe is actually the killer).

In his despair (from his wrong judgement and torturing of an innocent man), he'll leave you with Finch's whereabouts -- which you won't need as Kerim should be closing in on the actual location. As a matter of fact, Kerim will be the next person to message you that they did find out the place where Finch is held captive.

You'll be ask to wait for 2 hours before further updates on the matter, but you may choose to pay 12 coins to skip waiting. After this, you'll receive another message from your father -- this time, he managed to locate Dr. Harlowe, and is dedicated to serve justice with his own hands. He sends a picture of Harlowe with a gun pointed at him, point blank.

He asks of you for you judgement and you'll be left with two answers. You can either push him to do it, or tell him: "There's been enough bloodshed. Turn him in to the police." (which is what we picked). For his reply, he'll leave you with a hanging message: Son, I... (and then goes offline)

A call will follow up, and you hear the sound of heavily breathing yet again. This time though, there will be the accompanying noises of police cars or ambulance. After this, you'll be shown a few details about what transpired thereafter.

The End.


It does not really give you a clear depiction of what actually happened in the end, whether your father actually did killed Dr. Harlowe, or that he was sentenced for kidnapping and torturing Finch. Nonetheless, the surprising turn of events are just wonderful in this game. We kind of thought that the kidnapper was officer Stanley the whole time (the original investigator of the case). Nonetheless, the game had a wonderful accompanying story. The thing is, if you aren't patient enough to go through the puzzles, you'd end up forgetting where you left off when you get back to playing the game. If anything else, the story could have been fed within short courses of puzzles (say every level) to keep things interesting.

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