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In-app purchases are in the form of Coins in this game (represented by the icon similar to bitcoins).

IAPs(Coins sold in packages as shown in the image above)

Coins (in-game Currency) - coins in the game shown in the currency icon similar to bitcoin (or bellies in one piece). The value that you currently have are always displayed at the upper right corner of the game’s user interface, regardless what tab you are in. Bonus coins from finishing up on the levels will automatically add up, as well as those that you earn from other activities. Similarly, when you use coins to purchase something in the game would automatically be deducted to your pool.

Where to use Coins:

The main use of coins in the game is probably to purchase additional lives (re-tries in the puzzles) or purchasing the unlimited life for 6 hours. Additionally, coins can be used to advance in the game -- basically by paying “Ghost” (your hacker friend), to do the hacking for you in exchange for coins. The amount of coins he’ll ask from you as payment depends on how near or far you are from completion of your current goal.

Another use for coins is when you wish to reveal the hidden on-hand bricks. By paying 1 coin to reveal one hidden brick, not only do you get more wiggle room to solve your puzzle, you also earn a random chance to bag-in an additional reward. The random reward can be a life, or any of the power moves.

Lastly, coins can also fetch you additional turns whenever you run out of them in the game. By paying 9 coins, you get to extend your current game another 5 turns.

Where to get Coins:

Coins are earned from completing the levels. The first time you finish a level, you earn a star and a coins, the next time you complete it, you get 2 coins, and then 3 coins for the third time. Basically, it is not that hard to come by as long as you don’t spend it too much in buying lives or extra turns in the game.

Aside from this, you may also earn coins from a lucky spin in the roulette. Otherwise, if you feel the need to purchase them in bulk and are willing to shell out some real bucks for it, there is also the option to do so via IAPs.

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