I Am Innocent

Part 13: Road Inspection Database

Part 13: Road Inspection Database
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When Kerim is on the last leg of his search operation, he comes up with the idea of checking the Road Inspection Database for a particular place that is accessed throughout the previous days in this mostly abandoned area. This way, they could pinpoint a particular area of interest.

Important notes: Usually, every chapter will require you to earn four stars in order to advance in its accompanying story. Although in some instances, you’ll have to progress further than 4 star, or sometimes be thrown in a few updates from people in between the required stars. Every remaining required star will cost you as much as 10 coins if you wish to skip playing and progress in the story [e.g. three (3) remaining stars to collect is equivalent to paying 30 coins to skip playing the puzzle part and progress in the story - which will generally unlock the levels too, or after revealing all levels, move to open the concluding chapter]

Below are the relatively important conversation pieces in this chapter, which contains the varied responses that you’ll have, and their appropriate consequences. It is up to you to pick how you’d want to grow your relationship with the involved characters, in order to help you progress in the story.

In all honesty, this was one of the dragging chapters of the game. Despite having the most intriguing revelations, you are mostly held back by the number of stars you have to produce in order to be fed with additional information (which sucks). Nonetheless, if you have extra coins lying around, this is a good time to spend them really.

First update comes shortly after you earn 4 stars (25% completion of the chapter). This time, you’ll proceed with a question for Dr. Harlowe about the placebo pills he’s given to Finch. At first, your approach was kind of expectant that the placebo pills were supposed to be in the routine. Although later on, you’d confront him whether he knew the fact that one of the Victims died a few days after Finch got the placebo pills.

Basically, he’d retaliate and explain his procedures. Nonetheless, you won’t buy any of these explanations, and push through investigating the matter as he won’t divulge any further details about the dates that Finch received these placebo pills.

You’ll then be able to log your updates with your Diary Bot after this conversation with Dr. Harlowe and see your (character) actual thoughts about the matter. After this, off you go for more puzzle solving!

Next time you’ll hit an update (probably 71% completion), you’ll have Tiana messaging you -- asking whether you knew where her father is. She tells you that she is about to go the police.

-And I’m about to go to the police!
*(neutral): Maybe that’s what you should do. (we went with this one as the other one could implicate us)
(neutral): No need to panic yet. He’s undergoing treatment right now.

And then, she’ll ask if you found anything about his case. And then, of course you’d expound to her what you just found out about the pills and that how Dr. Harlowe won’t divulge any more details. Finally, she’d ask you to get to the bottom of these.

-And he can’t defend himself when he doesn’t remember anything.
*(neutral): Could have been. (a casual reply that does not really confirm which side you’re on)
(neutral): Or that was a tragic medical mistake.

-You have to find the truth!
(neutral): I think I already know the truth.
*(neutral): Alright, I’ll see what I can do. (gives you somewhat of a wiggle room)

Later on, Kerim will message you -- basically asking if you had any luck with accessing the Road Inspection Database. There will be two options to reply (collect the remaining stars), or have him move on with the data that you have collected (Reply: I was only able to get the recordings from the last 12 days. I couldn’t get the ones from the last three days.). We went ahead and collected the remaining data (or stars) before actually coming back to speak with him.

When you reach 100% completion, simply go back to Kerim, speak with him, and provide the road all of the inspection videos. (Reply: I’ve got the recordings from the camera for the last 17 days).

Next, you’ll message Ghost if he is interested on a job. You’d basically ask him if he can crack Dr. Harlowe’s computer -- which he’d refuse to, because he is kind of busy as of the moment. But instead, he’ll tell you that you can do it yourself, and if you find any difficulties, you can just run to him for help. Ghost’s participation will come later on, when you’ll stumble upon something that you won’t be able to crack. Nonetheless, you’ll be presented with the last chapter of the game, Dr. Harlowe’s Computer.
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