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Part 9: Fred's Computer

Part 9: Fred's Computer
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Kracher has more to reveal about Finch’s case, but for the time being, he needs another help from you in exchange for the stuff that he has. This time, you’ll need to hack another person’s computer named Fred. Apparently, the guy is dating his daughter and seems to be using “Fred” as a pseudonym. You’ll have to hack this person’s computer to obtain his true identity in order to trade this information to Kracher, for the one that you actually need.

When the new chapter opens up, you’ll find yourself on another scale of difficulty as a new hindrance will be introduced yet again. This time, a new type of brick will introduced - the locked bricks. These bricks perform as permanent bricks within the given layout unless you use a key to unlock them. Keys on the other hand can be obtained by obtaining their own set of requirements (usually a certain number of bricks).

The harder part here is that most of the time, the concluding levels would include unlocking a number (if not all) of these “locked bricks” in the requirements to beat the level. Ending this chapter, Kracher will unveil to you that the person who turned Finch in was no other than his trusted psychiatrist.

Important notes: Usually, every chapter will require you to earn four stars in order to advance in its accompanying story. Although in some instances, you’ll have to progress further than 4 star, or sometimes be thrown in a few updates from people in between the required stars. Every remaining required star will cost you as much as 10 coins if you wish to skip playing and progress in the story [e.g. three (3) remaining stars to collect is equivalent to paying 30 coins to skip playing the puzzle part and progress in the story - which will generally unlock the levels too, or after revealing all levels, move to open the concluding chapter.

Below are the relatively important conversation pieces in this chapter, which contains the varied responses that you’ll have, and their appropriate consequences. It is up to you to pick how you’d want to grow your relationship with the involved characters, in order to help you progress in the story.

About the time you reach 19% completion on this chapter, Tiana will give you a message.

-How is your investigation going? Did the contact info I gave you help?
(neutral): It did, but I’m still not clear on some things.
(deteriorate): It did, I think your father is a serial killer.

- I hope you understand why the court released him.
- I can’t imagine that a person who went through so much pain could ever hurt anyone else.
(deteriorate): That kind of thing happens if a man’s psyche is critically damaged.
(improve): I guess you’re probably right.

She’ll then give you details about the few days she had with his father before he was actually arrested. She found some picture that time and will send it to you (picture of arms that were tied?), and ask if you have an idea of what it is.

*(neutral): I think I have a good guess.
(neutral/deteriorate): Good lord who did that?

Base from your relative info and background about Finch, you might have a hunch that this is a picture of his arms as he was tied up in the basement by his foster parents when he was a kid. Nonetheless, whichever answer you give her, she’ll expound on the matter.

- Those are my father’s hands. From when he was 10 years old.
- And that kids could use a little strictness.
(neutral/deteriorate): That’s monstrous, but…
*(neutral): So Finch’s adoptive father was never punished?

She’d tell you that she’ll talk to more about it tomorrow. Before signing off too, she’ll seed the idea: that having Finch experience such trauma in his childhood, how is it possible that he could hurt anyone else. But of course, this is such a lousy argument, knowing that this “trauma” could just as plausibly seeded the psychotic behavior.

Next, Diary Bot will get you listing your thoughts about the matter as well as update you log entries from all previous conversations. After which, off you go to more puzzle solving.

When you reach about 50% completion on this chapter, you’ll have a nice bit of update from your contacts. One of which is you friend Carl, and the other one from the kidnapper.

ID 20460 would basically tell you that he tortured Finch today, and he has yet to confess anything and that he is quite an excellent actor. Some really disturbing stuff that keeps you pressured in a way.

Carl on the other hand will just check out on things are going for you.

-How are things going?
(neutral): Not bad.
(neutral/deteriorate): They’ve been better.

- I saw Emma yesterday.
- I can feel her keeping her emotional distance. She used to come running when she saw me, but now...
(neutral/deteriorate): Kids are all sel. (selfish probably?)
(improve): But you’re her father, you know.

Later on, he’ll also offer another investment scheme for you to take part in. This time though, you’ll have to either invest 10 coins or pass altogether.

And then, Tiana will follow up on her story from the other day (or message at least). Basically, she’s giving you a chance to ask about his grandfather (about his maltreatment of Finch).

- You asked about Grandpa. Well, he got in touch with me.
(neutral): After everything he did to your father?
*(neutral): What did he want?

- Nothing in particular. He’s just a lonely old man now.
- As for the punishment, I guess he doesn’t remember them that much.
But actually he’s a respected member of the local church community. Moral authority, you know. Just nobody to talk to.

(you’d have only one choice of reply for this: I don’t doubt it.)

Kerim would also update you that he have covered 50% of the search, but still no good. Nonetheless, I think that this would carry on until the search completes at 100%.

Stella (Ex) would also haller at you.

Stella (Ex):
- Hi! :) I’ve got something here for you.
*(neutral): Sounds like it could be good or bad.
(neutral): Hi, so what is it?

- New Virtual Reality goggles! I just hooked them up to my comp. They’re the bomb. Want to check them out?
(deteriorate): I don’t think we should see other for the time being. For your own safety.
(improve): Of course. Should I grab some beer?

She’ll also ask you to grab something for her on the pharmacy while you’re on your way there (in case you picked the option to go there).

Finally, everything that has recently happened will be jotted down in you Diary Bot too. To progress any further, you’ll need to play the puzzles yet again, up until you manage to reach 75% completion of the chapter.

And just about the time you actually manage to get there, Carl will message you about the returns of the previous investment that you made. 20 coins for the 10 coins you’ve invested. After which, he asks about your investigation and how it is moving along, and if there anything that he could help you with. Basically, you’ll be asking him about what he makes out of Finch (or what he has to say), with all that he has found out about him.

He says that judging by the manner or the killings, it is no doubt that a serial killer is to be blamed. However, he is actually not convinced that Finch did it or that it does not fit with his behaviour. He’ll expound on this matter when you ask him why he thinks that. He thinks that Finch is more of a psychotic patient than a psychopath. Or maybe he’s just pretending -- then throwing the idea of having it analyzed by an expert.

Lastly, Kracher will ask you if you’ve managed to collect the details about “Fred”, which the answer will be no until you’ve managed to reach 100% completion of the chapter. So until then, you’re up for some puzzle games.

Finally, when you manage to complete the chapter requirements, you may head out to Kracher and hand him the true details of “Fred”.

-So, have you figured out what my daughter’s friend’s real name is yet?

You’ll end up giving him Fred’s real name - Francis Hawkes. Of course, given Kracher’s ability to background check people, he’d figure out details about this Francis which would sound just as funny when you think that he is actually investigating his daughter, especially when he tells you details like the guy’s real age and what not. In any case, he’ll fulfill his end of the bargain and enumerate to you the items found on Finch when he was arrested.

1. Wallet
2. Photograph of a young woman
3. White bottle of light blue pills
4. A door key
5. A car key
6. A receipt from a laundromat

Which will then prompt you to focus on two things and ask either one of them.

*(neutral): What are the blue pills?
(neutral): Whose photograph?

We opted to ask about the blue pills as they could shed light on his condition. It turns out, while they checked with their normal procedure, the medicine is not mass produced. Actually, they medicine that he had was an experimental drug that was supposed to treat dissociative disorders.

-It’s Nootron, an experimental medicine for dissociative disorders. On a related note, it helps with memory loss.

(deteriorate): So Finch wasn’t a psychopath. You were wrong!
(neutral): What does this mean, though?

As you can assess the situation here, there is no need to call him out as he might turn abrasive against you. The point is, he’ll arrive in the conclusion that you should probably head to his attending psychiatrist to learn more about this (which is Dr. Harlowe). The thing is, Dr. Harlowe was a witness in the trial which grants him the Witness Protection Program. In short, if you want to be anywhere close to earning his contact details, you’ll have to crack the program. Kracher then leaves a bit more intriguing fact about Dr. Harlowe. It turns out, Dr. Harlowe was the very person that turned Finch in.

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