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Basis for replies (to your contacts):

Try to put yourself in the receiving end of the conversation and think which reply would sound a bit off or abrasive, and then pick the more subtle one as the reply. There are instances where the basic context of the available replies are the same, but one with a more subtle tone. During these times, pick the one with a more subtle tone. During the near-end phase of the game, there will be instances where people become all too nervous about stuff that is happening and will try to call in to the police for help, try your best to keep them calm and not to resort in involving the police -- and you'll probably get to a good ending (at least if there are other endings as we haven't tried to re-play the game).

How to collect coins and not worry about lives:

The game rewards you with abundant supply of coins, that can relatively allow you to purchase unlimited lives every two chapters. Each of the levels can be played and defeated a maximum of 3 times. On your first victory of a particular level, the game will reward you with one coin (and a star), on the 2nd time, despite being the same exact puzzle (and difficulty level), it'll reward you with 2 coins (and a star), and 3 coins on the third time. Given that, each chapter (consisting of 6 levels) will earn you 36 coins. Meaning if you get to defeat 12 level of the game (two chapters) 3 times, you'll pretty much have enough to purchase another 6 hours of unlimited lives.

Aside from this, there are several occasions too where Carl would ask you to invest in his business ventures, and you'll always double up the money that you'll invest in no time. Lastly, you may also have a slim chance to earn coins from the daily roulette bonus.

How to find my I Am Innocent ID:

First you’ll have to sync your game with your FB account. You do this by going to the settings tab in the game, and picking the option to sync your Facebook. Doing this is only half the part. Basically, this connects your FB account with the game.

The second part involves learning what your FB id is. There are several webpages available that lets you determine your FB ID number. Simply log in your Facebook and go to your wall (click your icon) -- when you get there, copy the URL. Example: https://www.Facebook.com/xxxusuallythisisyournamexxx

The website we went in is www.findmyfbid.com - it was relatively easy to use, and has all the instructions you would need. Click on the button saying “Find Numeric ID ->” and it’ll tell you if you’ve input your account correctly (if the account even exists). When you get the number, that is exactly equivalent to your I Am Innocent ID number. Hope this helps!

How do you re-solve the puzzles:

Simply click through the puzzle level one more time. You may only replay the puzzles and complete them three times. If you earned all the stars of a level, you won’t be able to play that particular level any longer -- unless you clear the cache of the game, which in return will basically restart you in the game and clear all of your progress.

How to advance in the story a bit easier:

Every chapter, you'll have the chance to earn as much as 18 stars (by earning 3 stars per level). Usually though, 4 stars is equivalent to 25% completion rate in a given chapter -- which means, every chapter, you really do only need 16 stars in order to complete it. Which means you'll always have 2 spare stars every chapter.

During the later chapters of the game, it becomes increasingly harder to push through some levels. By earning stars from the easier levels in the previous chapters, you'd end up having the opportunity to still advance in the story.

Do not go back and forth your options for response:

Simply read through them properly before checking the other option. Repeated viewing of the options would usually wind up bugging the game and leaving you with only one response and deleting the other option.

2 spare stars every chapter:

Every chapter of the game, you'll be able to reach 100% completion rate despite leaving out 2 stars from any of the 6 levels in that particular chapter. You can leave them out for the time being, and whenever you get stuck in the concluding chapters for the required number of stars to progress (as the concluding levels becomes all too hard to defeat), you can simply go back and get stars from the easier chapters/levels of the game.

How many levels are to be expected in the whole game?:

There are 6 levels every chapter, and there are about 14 chapters in the entire game. This gives you around 84 unique levels to play with. Keep in mind though that you are forced to re-play each of these levels 3 times (to earn their stars).

How do I add a contact when characters in the game give me one?:

In the messenger UI (the first tab in your mock-up phone interface), when you are in the main inbox interface, you'll see an option on the top left part of the screen "add". Simply click that, and type in the ID number of the contact that is given to you and it will automatically add that person.

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