I Am Innocent

Part 3: Criminal Case Archive

Part 3: Criminal Case Archive
I Am Innocent Guide

When you arrange the deal with Carl to give you the website address for the Criminal Archive, you’ll end up unlocking the concluding stage in the game. Similar to the previous stages, unlock the stage by simply clicking on the “search for password” and viola! You have your 6 new levels.

In this new stage, the starting level might give you a wrong impression that it'll be easy peasy throughout this chapter. However, during as soon as you step foot on the 15th level, you’ll witness new unforgiving layouts that are very hard to defeat. During this chapter, you’ll be introduced to layouts that are broken into several boards -- some of which have outrageously positioned numbered bricks which you have to obtain.

When you reach about 19% completion on the third stage, you’ll have a message from ID 15090 (Erwin Finch), and ID 20460 (Kidnapper). ID 20460’s messages somewhat reveals that his/her motive is revenge -- and that justice could not be settled through courts any longer for the lack of evidence. After some fierceful words from the kidnapper, ID 15090 (Erwin Finch) will message you about how he lied, and denying that he knew about Cecile when you sent him the picture. This will somewhat put him in a tight spot and in return alarm you, as to why he’d lie about such matter. You may simply continue your conversation with him, thinking of replies that generally show a strong hold of your composure (well these are our answers to the conversation -- at least on the parts where you have to pick one among the two options).

Neutral Replies Include: (Take note that these are our pick of replies arranged in order)

- Where do you know her from?
- I see.
- Well, I suppose the court can be believed.
- So why didn’t you present this evidence in court?
- How am I suppose to find out who this man is?
- OK. Even if I believe you, I have to figure all of this out on my own.

After this part, a new entry would be suggested in your Diary Bot. When you continue in the 15th layout, you’d find yourself in a bit of a headache. For one thing, the layout would already be enough to intimidate you as it would be the first time to see such a layout that is broken down to multiple boards. Apart from this, the goals are very hard to meet as well and would definitely require a lot of luck to pull through -- especially with the limited number of turns. The actual goal here is to free up the two purple bricks (the ones with question mark inside them), and they’d easily fill out the remaining blue bricks that you lack.

When you reach about 25% completion on the third stage, Stella (Ex) will message you, asking about what the photograph was about (the one she edited for you). Also, Ghost will follow up on leads regarding the picture you sent him.

Stella (Ex)
- But what is that photograph?
Neutral reply: It was taken by Erwin Finch. I can’t say right now.
(Deteriorate): If I told you, It might put you in danger

- Erwin Finch? Who’s that?
Neutral reply: It’s just too personal.
(Deteriorate): I really don’t want to get you involved in this, sorry.

- This morning, I found a rope tied into a loop on our doorstep. Strange, isn’t it?
Neutral reply: I don’t know what that is. Looks pretty strange.

- What would you do if you were me?
(Improve): I’d bu a pepper spray. And be very cautious.
(Neutral/Deteriorate): No way. But if it happens again, let me know.

When Ghost messages you about the update on the location, he’ll tell you that the approximate distance of the image is within a 100 kilometer radius. To push forward, he’ll send you a number that you might want to contact for help on the matter. To add him to your contacts list, search for him by ID, with the ID number: 5975 (You’ll be guided toward the process the first time in order to familiarize yourself how to add contacts in the future).

The person’s name is Kerim -- an ex military officer. Message him about your requirements, and an auto-response message template would initially be given to you stating that he is currently unavailable and would contact you as soon as he gets back.

Given that the 15th level is one difficult level to defeat, if by any chance you’re not up to the task of re-doing the level any time soon, you might want to proceed to the 16th level until you earn 3 stars from it. This in return will earn you 50% completion rate.

When you reach about 50% completion on the third stage, a new contact named “Vanessa Leroux” will send you a message. No details can be seen in this contact but she she seems pretty upset with you. In the entire conversation, it seems that this particular woman misunderstood the details that the kidnapper sent her (of you being the one to judge Erwin Finch probably?). She is the mother of Mary Leroux, the murdered girl from the picture that Carl sent you (in the case he saw against Finch in the town archive).


-Why do people like you get to live while my daughter doesn’t?
Neutral Reply: I don’t know you. Where’d you get my number?

- You released Finch! That beast is free thanks to you!
Neutral Reply: I don’t know anything about this Finch. SO let me ask you again - who are you?

- Did you even bother to learn a thing or two about the case before you saved that *******?
Neutral Reply: Are you a relative of the deceased Mary Leroux?
Neutral Reply: Wait... I saved him? I don’t understand.

- You can’t even imagine the things I’m feeling!
Deteriorate: You don’t know anything about me. What happened?
Neutral reply: I’m sorry. But what do you want from me?

- He even tortured her for hours first!
Neutral Reply: I didn’t release him. Are you getting me mixed up with someone else?

- I got an anonymous message with you number in it, saying you were the judge in the Finch case.
Neutral Reply: I wasn’t his judge. Maybe somebody thinks that, but it’s not true.

She’ll then forward a picture of her daughter (when she was still alive), and basically, you’d ask her for help as you’re currently collecting more information to build up something against Finch.

Carl will also follow up on you if you already have the access key to the criminal archive -- and the option to collect the remaining data for a fee.

Nothing much will follow up unless you’ve reach 100% completion rate. And when it does, go to Carl and hand him the fingerprint key which will gain him access to the Criminal Case files - which apparently does not reveal much of Finch’s case as it was secured on another level. Nonetheless, he’s uncovered another victim’s name (Simone) and will send you a picture of the gruesome murder.

You’ll gain access to another archive named “Serial Killer Folder”, where you basically get to play another set of 6 levels with a whole new level of difficulty.
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