I Am Innocent

Final Chapter: Dr. Harlowe's Computer

Final Chapter: Dr. Harlowe's Computer
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Final Chapter: Dr. Harlowe’s Computer

As you are pressed with time and running out of sources of information, you’d finally get your sights fixated on Dr. Harlowe’s computer to get to the truth. On the other hand, Kerim is on the move to pinpoint the location where Finch is held captive. When everything pans out, the chain of events will make certain people do irrational things. This time, asking the right questions would mean life or death to some of the people involved, and worse, it’ll be up to you how to define "the rightful way" to serve justice.

Important notes: Usually, every chapter will require you to earn four stars in order to advance in its accompanying story. Although in some instances, you’ll have to progress further than 4 star, or sometimes be thrown in a few updates from people in between the required stars. Every remaining required star will cost you as much as 10 coins if you wish to skip playing and progress in the story [e.g. three (3) remaining stars to collect is equivalent to paying 30 coins to skip playing the puzzle part and progress in the story - which will generally unlock the levels too, or after revealing all levels, move to open the concluding chapter].

When you reach 25% completion on this chapter, Carl would give you a message - updating you about his scheduled meeting with his daughter. It looks like things are winding up good for him with regards to his relationship with his daughter and his mortgage being approved recently.

After this, a message from your diary bot would ask you to jot down details about recent updates on your game. Then, of you go with more puzzle in order to unlock further progress in the story (about 5 stars this time). The disappointing thing is, when you actually managed to collect 5 stars, you’d end up being messaged by Ghost, asking whether you’ve managed to collect everything you need from Dr. Harlowe’s computer. This means, that you should work your way up until you actually complete the whole chapter (a huge let-down really).

When you actually manage to get the requirements (100% completion), you’ll end up with an archive that is encrypted. So you’d ask Ghost if he could crack it (open) for you, and then send the file to him. And when he does manage to crack it open, it will unveil all the facts you need, in order to shed light in this mystery case. To learn more of the details (and spoilers) about the facts you’ll find (or Ghost finds) in Dr. Harlowe’s computer, check the Conclusion page of this guide.

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