I Am Innocent

Part 2: Town Archive

Part 2: Town Archive
I Am Innocent Guide

Simply click the internet section (at the bottom part of the screen), click on the button on the right of the screen (which shows a “next page” kind of directional button) that lead to the “Town Archive”, and then simply clicking on the “search for password”.

Level 7 will introduce you to some new interesting twists in the puzzle game -- basically some new form of hindrances to heighten the difficulty of the puzzles. In this level, you’ll be dealing with some bricks with numbers (which are basically bricks that needs to be adjacent to your brick-matching several times (depending on the number indicated in the bricks) in order to break them. They may serve as simple hindrances before you get to the actual goal, or be required to obtain them just as well. On the 7th stage, a purple colored brick with a question mark inside it will be required along with 20 green bricks. The tricky part is that there would be orange and blue bricks thrown to you as well during the whole level. Use the opportunity to simply match anything within range (adjacent) the numbered bricks and unlock the purple brick. You’ll also be introduced to the Bomb Hack during this level.

As with the 1st Part of the game, new bits of info come your way whenever you complete 4 stars. And since you still have two more stars to complete on the last stage (messenger database), you might want to go with that one first. Otherwise, you’re free to go ahead and play the new stage. To have you in-sync with progress in the game from this point onwards, we'll refer to the current “Completion Rate” which is displayed at the bottom part of the screen when you are in the “Internet” section of the User-Interface.

When you reach about 19% completion on the second stage (around 3 stars), you’ll receive a message from ID 20460. Basically, he’ll send a picture which happens to be a picture of your deceased sister. This will in return prompt you to forward the picture to Erwin Finch and ask him if he knew her -- although he is offline, he’ll respond to you when you reach 38% completion rate on the current stage.

When you reach about 38% completion on the second stage, you’ll be prompted to log entries on your Diary Bot detailing facts about your sister’s death. After this, you’ll receive a message from you father.

- I flew there for a day just to see you in person!
(Deteriorate): You could have warned me. I can’t today.
(Improve): It’s just too hard for me, Dad.

- I swear, you’re going to waste your whole life with worthless odd jobs.
Neutral Reply: I’m a grown man, Dad. I’m doing fine.

-As a courier for one of my friends’ offices. Not too much money, but enough to live an honest life.
Neutral Reply: I’ll think about it.

- It’s my fault all of this happened. I’ll never forgive myself.
(Deteriorate): You can’t change any of that now, Dad.
(Improve): It’s not your fault.

When you reach about 56% completion on the second stage, Stella (Ex) will be forwarding you the edited picture - which will be sharpened by now, and then will ask you out for a coffee.

Stella (Ex)
- This has been a tough day. How about we meet downtown and grab a cup of coffee? Oh here’s your photograph, by the way.
(Deteriorate): I’m working on something important right now. I don’t have time, sorry.
(Improve): Thank you, Stella. Yes, I think I could meet you downtown.

She spills something about her former classmate and how pretty she now is…
- Now I think I’ll go to the next class reunion.
Neutral Reply: Haha, how would you like to introduce us?

When you reach about 75% completion on the second stage, Ghost will message you, asking if by any chance you have managed to sharpen the photo -- and of course you already have it sharpened by Stella (Ex). Send the file to him.

Also, Carl will message you , asking you if you managed to get the password. This will prompt an option to skip through the levels by paying coins.

When you reach 100% completion on the second stage, Carl will ask you if you have the password. After giving it to him, he’ll send you details about Erwin Finch’s murder case a year ago, but with lack of non-circumstantial evidence, he was acquitted to the crime.

- So why does this interest you?
Neutral Reply: I just bumped into it somehow.

He’ll then send you further stuff about the crime. One of which is a picture of the victim named Sonia Bloom. When you ask for further details, he’ll tell you that that he has already shown you what he currently has access to. if you need more details about the crime itself, it can be found in the criminal archive, which will need a new access key. When prompted the question if you are ready, accepting it will open the new stage “Criminal Archive”.

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