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Part 8: Officer Stanley's Computer

Part 8: Officer Stanley's Computer
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Officer Stanley is the primary investigator (as seen on the original police reports) in the series of killings 3 years ago. By far, he is the person that is most knowledgeable about Finch’s case, but now he is gone after being fired from his post. This also begs the question, “where is he anyway”? To help you dig deeper in the case, you’ll need to scour through his computer, to find if there is anything that could help you advance your personal investigation.

In this chapter, you’ll also be introduced with level-specific hacks which you could use on top of your power moves. The main difference with these types of hacks is that you could only use them on specific levels that allow them, and that you could not collect them for later use. They also tend to require something in order for you to actually get to use them which is simply collecting a number of bricks.

More stuff gets revealed in this chapter as a lot of people would want to talk and speak their minds, which end up having you figure out that there is something deeper lying under the surface that has yet to be uncovered.

Important notes: Usually, every chapter will require you to earn four stars in order to advance in its accompanying story. Although in some instances, you’ll have to progress further than 4 star, or sometimes be thrown in a few updates from people in between the required stars. Every remaining required star will cost you as much as 10 coins if you wish to skip playing and progress in the story [e.g. three (3) remaining stars to collect is equivalent to paying 30 coins to skip playing the puzzle part and progress in the story - which will generally unlock the levels too, or after revealing all levels, move to open the concluding chapter]

Below are the relatively important conversation pieces in this chapter, which contains the varied responses that you’ll have, and their appropriate consequences. It is up to you to pick how you’d want to grow your relationship with the involved characters, in order to help you progress in the

Upon hearing details about dropped cases, Kracher tells you that in order to dig deeper for facts (mainly regarding about Finch’s alibi, that he was talking to his daughter when the crime happened on one of the murder victims), you’ll have to source them out from officer Stanley’s (the original police officer assigned to the case) personal laptop.

When you reach about 25% completion on the fourth chapter, you’ll receive new messages from your contacts namely:

ID 15090: Upon learning the truth about the “questionable” entries in the logbook that you found, you’ll ask Finch directly if he has anything to say to you about that. He then uses his condition (memory lapses) as the basis for the discrepancies in the signatures - which of course make you feel that he’s comfortably making this as an excuse.

-I’m sick, you know. Sometimes I have memory lapse attacks. My doctor will confirm that.
-Once I ended up at a bus stop in another city, alone, without any money.
(deteriorate): I see some of these attacks came at very convenient times.
(neutral): Can you feel them coming on in advance?

- They used to happen every week or two, almost. When I started seeing Dr. Harlowe, they pretty much disappeared.
(neutral): Why?
(neutral): One of these attack was just before the death of Frida Fish, right?

Despite all the things he says to you, he does feel that you are starting to doubt him which will make him feel a bit desperate and even end up cursing you (which will pretty much make you feel that it is plausible that he is telling the truth at the very least).

ID 20460: Basically, his message tells you that he has evidence against Finch, which is why he did all this. In any case, he’ll let him go as long as you get to prove that he truly is innocent.

When you reach about 50% completion on this chapter, you’ll receive new messages from your contacts:

Kerim: Updates you about his mission and that he scoured the first zone and that they basically came back empty handed. He then re-assures you that nonetheless, this was not a waste of time as they have pretty much covered 25% of the total area to be searched.

Diary Bot will also let you put in some of the more important happenings that occured to you lately.

Stella (Ex): Confides to you that she feels scared. She tells you that she found a rope at her doorstep again.

-I found a rope at my doorstep again.
(deteriorate): That rope didn’t hurt anyone last time. Just forget about it.
(improve): Well, don’t go outside at night, just in case.

- I was at Carl’s yesterday. He has photographs of tied-up corpses in his wall.
-What have you two gotten into? I know you both.
(deteriorate): You were at Carl’s yesterday? Why?
(neutral/improve): We’re working on a serial killer case.

-Actually, I have some more news. Soon a customer who owes me a lot of money will be transferring it over, and I’ll be settling all my debts.
(deteriorate/neutral): Ah, at last. As it happens, my finances aren’t in the greatest shape right now.
(improve): No need to hurry.

After a few attempts on the games and earning yourself 100% completion of the chapter, you may be able to send the kidnapper (ID 20460) a question.

(neutral): Are the ropes your doing?
(neutral/deteriorate): I hope you’re not planning to hurt anyone.
-You mean by your friend’s house? That’s a message for you. To keep you from going after me.

-But the court let him go. And he has already started searching for his next victim.
*(neutral): And what comes next?
(neutral): Why me? (this sounds like you’re cowering from all these)

-In time, you will understand.
*(neutral): What do you want from me?
(neutral): Just let him go. I want no part of this. (again, this sounds like you’re cowering from all these)

After this, he’ll also remind you of how many days you have left to prove Finch’s innocence or he’ll be forced to execute him.

Kracher would also be online at this moment and will ask for any updates from you. Luckily, you’ll be able to send him something (about Finch’s case on Stanley’s laptop). And from this, more info about the Frida Fish’s case will be unveiled including how the evidence Finch had didn’t add up. He’d also differentiate Psychopaths from Psychotics - citing intriguing real life reference like Edmund Kemper (a real life serial killer).

Now pushing through with Finch’s case, you’ll have to examine the materials on the case - which are valuables that Finch had when he was arrested. But before any progress can even be made, Kracher will once again ask you to Hack somebody’s PC for his cooperation and investigation.
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