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Part 7: Ellen Kracher's Computer

Part 7: Ellen Kracher's Computer
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When you arranged the deal with Kracher to fetch his daughter's Facebook password, you'll end up with a new chapter to play with. Similar to the previous chapters, you initially get two levels to play with, and the rest gets unlocked when you beat the levels before them.

From here on out, it is safe to assume that the concluding puzzles would generally be more troublesome than the previous ones you've encountered so far. To get an idea of what types of hindrances can be found in the game, check the "Puzzle Goals and Difficulties" section of the guide, as we've compiled the different hindering elements that are introduced in the game.

By now, all hindrances have already been introduced to you by the game, the trick is, it is now compounding these hindrances together, while at the same time limiting your chances of defeating the game levels with outrageous restrictions (like a limited number of turns, or like the first one which is bombarded with numbered bricks -- which will limit your plausible moves, etc.).

When you reach about 25% completion on the 7th stage, you’ll have a message from ID 15090 (Erwin Finch), which reveals the name of his attending psychiatrist. His name is Alexander Harlowe, and as far as Erwin Finch is concerned, the doctor helped him manage his lapses.

Another message will come from Stella (Ex). She tells you in her message that she was cleaning her computer when she bumped into some old vacations photos. Finally, she'd come up to you -- asking what happened and where did things go wrong between you two.

Stella (Ex)
- When did everything go so wrong?
(improve): I don't know, I often think about that, though.
(deteriorate/neutral): Maybe it was when you decided to go off to study in another city.

- So what do you think would've happened if I had stayed those 5 years ago?
(deteriorate): We would have still split up. We were too young and inexperienced.
(improve/neutral): I think we would have had a chance.

And then, the conversation will end up to having her invite you for some bottle of wine at her house. After this, Vanessa will also go online and pop you a message -- and would basically want to ask you something.

-Are you there? It's Vanessa. I wanted to ask you about something.
(deteriorate): Is there something you've remembered?
(neutral): What would you like to ask me?

As she speaks up about your previous inquiry to her (if she knew that her second husband was molesting her daughter), she'll spill out the beans about his second husband (like his professioln and their family's reputation and all). It turns out, her husband is Alexander Harlowe -- the same psychiatrist attending Erwin Finch. When all these things pan out, The diary bot will ask you to jot down the updates you just heard from people.

The next person to message you will be Ghost. He managed to find out that the person that who hacked into your account was actually Carl. Apart from this revelation, it seems that he is conniving with your father about this as he sends whatever he finds out to him.

- I found out who hacked your account. Your friend Carl. He's sending your messages to your father.
(improve): Got it. I'll deal with him.
(deteriorate): Thank you. And please stop following me.

To follow up on the story after this, you'd have to toss yourself again to the hacking part, where this time, you'd need another 4 stars to progress to the story. When you reach about 50% completion on the 7th stage, you’ll have a another holler from Stella (Ex).

Stella (Ex)
- I can't stop thinking about last night.
(improve): I liked it. Just like old times.
(deteriorate): Not sure it was the right thing to do.

After which, she tells you more of the current things she's doing -- like how took a call from her granny, and how she missed her, and stuff like how she's about to lose her hearing, raved about her cooking, and what not. Later on, another message pops out, this time, from you friendly kidnapper ID 20460.

Basically, the message contains details about Sonia Bloom, which you already have. Though the thing is, the details the kidnapper has, are very much similar to that of what you found in the police report. Which will strengthen your hunch that he probably might just be the same person.

Then finally, you'll have Carl holler at you too. (OoO)

- Someone was trying to hack me, friend. Can you imagine that? Maybe this is connected to your investigation.
(deteriorate): You're right. That is connected. Why'd you give me up to Father?
(deteriorate/neutral): You know how rocky our relationship is right now! Why would you do that?]

- He's always concerned about everyone. You know he co-signed with me at the bank so that they'd give me a mortgage.
(neutral): I can deal with my own father.
(deteriorate): To hell with you and him.

Immediately after, you'd send a message to you father.

(You to your Father)
(neutral): Why are you following me Dad? Do you really having nothing better to do?
(deteriorate): Stay out of my affairs, Father. And tell Carl the same.

-As am I. We both care for you and want you to have a good life. Is that really bad?
(neutral): I'm doing fine, Father. you don't need to do anything.
(deteriorate): You broke into my messages. A lousy way to show you care for someone!

And finally, you'll have a message from Kerim. He is now ready to start working with the case, and will give you details to how it would work. Apparently, it'll take him a maximum of 8 days to cover the whole proximity you have assigned him. After that, its all just have to be jotted down to you diary bot.

After this, it's back to the puzzles.

When you reach about 75% completion on the 7th stage, you'll initially receive 2 new messages. One from the kidnapper, and the other one from Carl. ID 20460, would basically blabber something about if you believed in god. But basically nothing to help you out or get you informed in the case.

Next, Carl would come up again -- explaining himself and his actions.

- I was wrong, You're my friend. Peace?
(deteriorate): Go to hell! I'm still angry.
(neutral): I'm not sure.

He'll basically bring up something he did for you in the past (where it seems that you should owe him for that or something?), and you might want to turn things around between him or completely screw up your relationship with him.

- So I'll forget it. :)
(neutral): And Amber Coalfield did regret it, by the way.
(deteriorate): I could forget a lot of stuff about you too, you *******.

If you happen to patch things up, your final message will improve your relationship and he'll tell you that he'll keep in touch. Now, its back to the board games.

In between your play time from here on until you reach 100% completion rate, ID 20460 will give you a message. In this message, he claims that he has been too long in Finch's case, and thinks that he is involved in the disappearance of you sister, Cecile. Of course, you'd challenge his idea but he'll just tell you that Finch knew all his victims, including your sister.

When you get past the required stars and reach 100% completion rate, you'll receive a message from Kracher -- basically asking you for updates on his request.

-Any luck, buddy?
(you'll be giving the password to him)

And then, he'll basically thank you and would fulfill his end of the bargain -- elaborating on the details about how Finch was exonerated from the cases against him.

-They're pretty different, as you can see (revealing the two signatures of Finch in the case file)
(neutral): So how did Finch explain this?
(neutral/deteriorate): How could this have happened?

-They found Finch's colleague, who confirmed that he had taken his place.
(neutral): And what did the court decide?
(neutral/deteriorate): Well, that must mean Finch is the killer, right?

-The court decided that the alibi was insufficient, but this did not prove Finch's guilt. What's more, he really was sick and being observed by a psychiatrist. Though i think Finch is one crafty son of a *****. Psychos will go to all kinds of lengths.

(deteriorate): You're pretty biased against mentally ill people.
(improve): I guess we can trust your police experience.

If you happen to disagree with him and give Finch the benefit of a doubt, he'll send you a picture of one of the gruesome murders -- and why it would seem that many think the same of Finch. Later on, he'll discuss more details about another of Finch's cases. Now that you seeded yourself pretty deep into the case, you'd might as well check the files of the police officer, originally investigating the case -- Officer Stanley (which would be the next chapter too).
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