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Part 5: Department of Justice

Part 5: Department of Justice
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Upon a close inspection of the serial killer folder, you'd end up figuring out that Finch may just have really been framed after all. Although the particular alibi that you found he had was merely one among the many cases, Carl suggests that you should take a different approach on investigating the matter -- which will lead you to the next chapter in the game, the Department of Justice.

To dig for more facts about Finch's cases, this time you would have to look on the files appealed before the court. Of course, before you get anywhere to accessing the files in there, you'd need to crack another layer of security. To start the concluding chapter (Department of Justice, Levels 25-30), you'd have to go through the same process like that of the previous chapters - simply by visiting the "Internet" section of the smartphone UI.. On a similar fashion too, you'll initially be granted the two levels of the chapter (25 and 26), while the concluding ones are unlocked as soon as you clear the levels before them.

As with any other brick buster type of game (or any of the casual games around), the higher the level goes, the harder it is to beat the puzzles. The same is true with this game as puzzles become more trickier to beat, and is yet again brewed with heightened hindrances.

When you reach about 31% completion on the fifth chapter, you’ll have a message from Stella (Ex), and ID 20460 (Kidnapper). The latter would claim that on a similar way that Finch was able to dodge justice, he might just have been given the opportunity to kill more victims. He'll give a reference of a similar serial killing spree that happened in the USSR many years back - which they could've had avoided only if proper justice was served the first time he was arrested. Of course, you'll have second thoughts about this as your character is currently convinced that Finch might have just been framed.

On the other hand, Stella will recall the time you asked her something about Finch. She'd then ask if you were referring to the guy affiliated with Mary Leroux's murder case (apparently this was a controversial case that people new about).

Stella (Ex)
- You didn't mean the mania they threw in jail for Mary's murder, did you? Mary Leroux. Just please, tell me it's a different Finch.
(deteriorate/neutral): Let's not talk about it right now.
(improve): I'm afraid that's the one. That's why I'm so worried for you.

- Or at least she pretended not to notice. And all their relatives pretended everything was fine. She had nowhere to turn, no one who would believe her.
(deteriorate/neutral): Did she not get enough attention? Did you know them well?
(improve): If that's true, it's awful. So you knew the whole family?

She'll later divulge more info about the family and how she knew them all. She'll tell you stuff like how Mary had serious problems and all, and how his stepfather was terrible towards her. She'll send a candid picture too of her stepfather and Mary, where in the picture, it looks as if Mary is having a rather weird or awkward feeling during the shot, and more interestingly, his stepfather just looks kind of weird and suspicious. Later on, she'll give more hints about the extent of the problem -- like how Mary did not want to "upset" her mother, and not to tell anyone as she was "too ashamed" about it.

After figuring out all this stuff, you'd launch yourself towards asking Vanessa herself. You can be vague about it and ask the question:

(Speaking with Vanessa)
(deteriorate/neutral): Vanessa, is there something you're not telling me? I can keep a secret.
(neutral): Vanessa, is it true that your second husband was.. interested in your daughter Mary?

- I don't know what you're talking about.
(deteriorate): How could you turn a blind eye to something so terrible? she was your daughter!
(deteriorate/neutral): I heard she molested her.

She'll then share her thoughts about how her previous husband loved Mary and how he felt terrible too when she died -- but then will reveal that they too split up immediately after Mary's death. After a few revelations, the conversation would take a toll on her and she'd just drop everything telling you that she do not want to talk any more about the matter.

After the conversation, Erwin will message you (ID 15090), he'll say something like he doesn't know when "he'll" (probably referring to his kidnapper) will be coming back next time. But he is "used" to it. Which will make you clarify what he meant by that. He'll then elaborate about his childhood experience -- basically how he was punished in a similar fashion, being locked up in a basement for several days by his adoptive parents. He'll also give you hints about a condition that he is suffering in, where he tends to have memory lapses.

ID 20460 will also message you, telling you that he has never done this before and that he is troubled by the fact that if he lets go of Finch, further death by him will be on his (kidnapper) hands.

ID 20460
- You have to help me stop him.
(deteriorate/neutral): Why do you need me if you believe he's guilty?
(neutral): Why didn't you just kill him as soon as you could?

After a while, he'll also challenge you about having to discover the truth in 13 days.

Nothing much will happen from this point onwards unless you reach 100% completion rate. This might be a bit gruesome as the levels in this chapter tend to be really tricky and just hard to beat. Nonetheless, upon reaching your goal, it'll quite be rewarding as it would hand out a good amount of leads and follow up messages from different contacts. As usual, we've listed the "more" important parts of conversation pieces, and will progress as follows:

When you hand out the password to Carl, he'll basically come across some police reports and news clippings, detailing the names of the two victims (Frieda Fish and Simone Gray), where they where the crime was committed, and the pattern in the killings (strangulation, beating, and gouging of eyeballs) serialized by the perpetrator. You'll also figure out that on both occasion, the same officer has been handling the case (Michael Stanley)-- which made us think that this particular officer might actually be the kidnapper of Finch (ID 20460).

Apart from these, Carl also managed to find another of Finch's alibis in one of the cases. This time, he was on a long phone conversation with his daughter during the estimated time of the actual murder -- which was also confirmed by the communications service provider.

- Data from the telephone company confirms this.
(neutral): But the court didn't consider it solid back then. Why?
(neutral/deteriorate): Yes, looks like his alibi is solid.

Despite these finding though, you'd remember the fact that the actual cause of his exoneration was due to the lack of evidence and not any of these alibis. Apart from this, he'd also send you an actual photo of Erwin Finch.

Moving on, Carl would also ask you if you knew where Stella was.

-By the way, I can't find Stella for some reason. Do you know where she's at?
(neutral): No. Any reason to worry?
(deteriorate/neutral): She was planning to go bar-hopping yesterday. As usual.

-I'm really worried for some reason.
(neutral): You're right... I sure hope nothing bad has happened.
(deteriorate): She's probably just off somewhere, fooling around.

After this, Finch (ID 15090) will also give you a message. In his message, he'll basically give you the number of his daughter as his last option to get you to believe his innocence as he claims his daughter will vouch for this. Add Tiana to your contacts (just like how you added Kerim) click on the "add" in the messenger's main UI page, and then input the number 3977 (which is the number Finch just gave you).

-Who are you?
(neutral): I'm a journalist, researching your father's case. Can you help me?
(deteriorate): You're Erwin Finch's daughter, right? I'm willing to pay you for some information.

While you're at the actual conversation though, Stella (Ex) would call you. Although it turns out, the call was unintended. The whole time, you'll just hear some party music in the background, and then the line will just hang up by itself.

Just about the time you finish your conversation with Tiana, Finch will get back to you again asking for any news or hope of any kind. This will prompt you asking about whether he knows why his alibis were rejected by the court. Through this, he'll spew out some details about him saying that he does not remember and that he has troubles remembering without his pills. It turns out, he tends to have memory lapses, and that he is taking pills to address these episodes. He was diagnosed of having a dissociative personality disorder (from his childhood trauma), by his attending physician, Dr. Harlowe.

Since you've been updated by so many activities this time, you'll have to log everything in your Diary Bot too.

After checking in some of the details there, Kerim (the ex-military friend of ghost), will have the chance to get back at your message (requiring his services). Although he is willing to accept your job offer, he reveals that he is quite in a predicament with his visa in Algeria. Apparently, he expects to resolve the issue within 3 months time -- which of course wouldn't work for your time constraints. So instead, you'll end up helping him beat the Consulate's scheduling system and score him an earlier date.

This will, in basic terms, unveil a new chapter for you to play with -- General Consulate (Level 31-36).

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