I Am Innocent

Part 4: Serial Killer Folder

Part 4: Serial Killer Folder
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Just about the time you think you'd unearthed Finch's secrets, you'll end up having to scour for more information inside a special archive -- specific for Finch's cases. As things unfold, you'll learn that there are several cases of murder stacked up against Finch. If proven true, these cases would seem to be the work of a serial killer. This entails a clue that there should be a pattern with his killings. To add to the drama, Carl will send you a photo of a murdered young woman named Simone Gray from the Town Archive.

To dig for more facts about your person of interest, this time you would have to look on a specific folder called Serial Killer Folder. Of course, access to the folder is given another tier of security which you would have to hack yet again. To start the concluding chapter (Serial Killer Folder, Levels 19-24), you'd have to go through the same process of unlocking the new archive. Like the previous chapters, you have the two initial levels available to play, while the concluding ones are unlocked as soon as you clear the levels before them.

Apart from being more difficult when it comes to the playing part, it seems that the story doesn't get much update in this chapter which makes it feel a bit more of a chore playing. The facts that gets revealed in this chapter also seems to only verify your probable hunch of what is happening in the first place -- which makes it a bit disappointing. Anyway, here are the important conversation pieces in the chapter and the suggested replies to get you out of sticky situations.

When you reach about 31% completion on the fourth chapter, you receive three new messages from your contacts. One from Stella (Ex), which she is kind of asking you out. Another message would come from the kidnapper (ID 20460), hinting you about stuff with serial killers and how they elude being caught. And then after reading the two messages, your father would be messaging you as well.

Stella (Ex)
- Alright! Enough moping around the house. It’ll be fun, I promise.
(Deteriorate): I don’t want to see anyone. And you should be more careful.
(Improve): Sure, why not? :)

- Of course, You ignored all my advice. You’ll end up nowhere. No one!
(Deteriorate): You know there’s no point in pressuring me.
(Neutral): I’m still thinking about it.

When you reach about 62% completion on the fourth chapter, you'll receive three new messages from your contacts. One from Vanessa, the mother of one of the victim -- agreeing to spill the details about her daughter’s death. And the other one from the kidnapper (ID 20460) -- telling you that the other reason he has chosen you, is because he knows that you haven’t healed from your trauma yet, and that you know how it feels to lose someone close to you. After checking both messages, the Diary Bot will ask you to update all the events that happened thus far.

-But the judge let him go anyway!
(Improve): That’s so tragic… I’m so sorry. Thank you for being willing to talk about it.

That's pretty much there is in this chapter and you'll have to earn 100% completion rate before the story advances any further.

When you reach 100% completion on the fourth chapter, you'll receive a message from Carl asking if you were already able to get a hold of the password for the folder (actually, this message gets sent earlier - enabling you to pay some coins if you wanted to skip doing the puzzles). Upon handing the password to him, he'll take a while to get back to you as he checks for the folder's contents (you can simply chat window and go back there again).

Later, you'll see evidences like Finch's signature on a log sheet in the company where he was working for, when one of the crimes was actually committed -- which technically acquits him to the murder case of one of the victims. It seems to Carl that the court was right to acquit him as it was reasonable to think that he is being framed for these murders. Although the files that he was able to uncover had limited info about Finch and his other criminal cases -- which will then lead Carl to suggest that you should try to look on a different direction and try uncovering details from the Department of Justice. Of course, as you would have probably guessed by now, the Department of Justice is the next chapter of the game.

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